How to Hire Dedicated Mobile App Developers?

How to Hire Dedicated Mobile App Developers

Are you looking for dedicated mobile app developers? Having a mobile app for your business is crucial in the modern digital age. It might aid in expanding your customer base and boosting sales.

But, creating a mobile app is a difficult undertaking, therefore you need to work with devoted mobile app developers who have the knowledge and expertise to create an app that lives up to your expectations.

When to hire dedicated mobile app developers reasonable?

  • If you have a unique idea for an application but don’t have the resources to create it.
  • If you have an internal team but they don’t meet the deadline because of overloading.
  • If you already have a mobile development team but need to augment it due to the lack of necessary expertise.
  • If you released an app and want to boost it to beat the competition in Apple/Android stores, but you don’t know how to.
  • If you need to cut the cost of mobile development, consider managing offshore teams. The rates differ, and hiring dedicated engineers from another region can save you money.

What to keep in mind before hiring a dedicated mobile development team?

What kind of mobile app you want to release—native or web—is crucial. The following step is to decide whether your program should support Android, iOS, or both. Whatever tech stack is needed depends on it. Defining the team size, roles, and tasks comes after the first stage.

If you don’t have any expertise in releasing tech items, the vendor can help you at this point because they have experience with scenarios comparable to yours. The budget must then be assigned, and the terms must be approved.

You might establish a step-by-step strategy for your mobile app development cycle, decide on the milestones, and evaluate the workflow in collaboration with the project manager and business analyst.

You’ll observe how quickly the committed team can develop an MVP and the finished product. The creation and execution of a contract and an NDA mark the end of the process.

Nobody will have access to your private corporate information, according to the NDA. You normally give your approval to the contract’s work scope, hourly rates, delivery requirements, and payment schedules. Some IT professionals advise incorporating it in the agreement warranty conditions, like those from Belitsoft.

How to find the best candidates for your project?

It takes more than just looking through CVs to choose the best candidates. A person only needs to be an expert resume writer. If you or your recruiters lack technical competence, you probably couldn’t properly evaluate the applicants.

A committed team provider may be better able to handle that difficult because of this. Such a vendor typically has a talent pool and is able to forego the initial process of choosing highly valued employees.

Also, IT companies that offer high-quality staff augmentation services have a set of best practices for hiring, onboarding, training, and keeping developers. There is a list of mobile app developers’ skills that could be not obvious to consider for non-tech clients.

1. Knowing various programming languages

The quick-moving market necessitates greater adaptability and the capacity of developers to work with various technologies.

Your mobile app developer would do better if they could move between C, C++, JavaScript, HTML5, Python, Swift, or Java very minimally. Also, it’s ideal if the applicant has knowledge of both native and hybrid application development.

2. Ability to create and test the user interface for multiple mobile platforms

Focus on the developers’ experience in designing user interfaces for the Android and iOS platforms when assessing mobile app developers. Furthermore, seek out those with a proven history of testing their apps effectively on both Android and iOS.

3. Ability to optimize and automate the workflow

To avoid building new code from start, your developer must have experience with scenarios similar to yours and be able to repurpose best practices and templates. The development process is sped up with this method.

4. Familiarity with cloud infrastructure is a must

Finding mobile app developers who are experienced in working with a variety of cloud platforms such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud is essential because modern app development mainly relies on cloud technology.

5. Proficiency in version control systems

Candidates with practical experience using these common instruments in the sector should be given preference. A committed mobile team can introduce and evaluate new features, ascertain their efficacy, and make defensible judgments using version control technologies.

They can also quickly update or go back to a stable version as needed. Popular version control technologies include GitHub and comparable online services.

6. Industry-specific business erudition

This enables the client to evaluate the candidate’s comprehension of business-related concepts. It is essential for creating applications that follow modern trends and satisfy the particular needs of the required business (such as security, telecom, healthcare, logistics, e-learning, etc.).


The best mobile developers can take on a project on their own, understand its requirements, suggest innovative technical solutions, and implement those answers successfully without continual guidance.

Their proficiency in managing time and resources ensures that your project will be completed on schedule and to a very high standard.

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