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Now you must be wondering from where the website traffic is coming from. In case you are relying on people to find about your company through Google, then SEO is always the first priority to address. You cannot generate leads for business if no one is able to find you.

Recent studies have shown that around 93% of the experiences on the internet will start with a search engine. Now the real question is what happens after someone makes a search. The top result on Google is noted to have around a 33% chance of getting clicked.

In case you are not on the number one list on the page, you have missed out on a third of potential traffic. The thing, which is more astonishing, is that around 75% of the people will not even click on the second page of search results.

The reason on why the other websites are ranking high then you on Google are that they are making one conscious effort to improve their SEO ranking. You can try it out as soon as possible, and it is not too late. You can check out articles mentioning Eric Dalius Net worth for some SEO-related content as well.


You Need To Improve The Loading Speed Of Your Page First:

There are few reasons why the page’s loading time is very important. Firstly, if the load speed is too slow, Google will end up recognizing it and will harm the ranking.

However, a slow website will further impact the ways in which the web visitors will engage with the pages. So, those negative interactions are the last thing you want to hurt the website’s rank.

Log online and check out how the abandonment rates will increase for the websites with the long page loading time.

  • Some research reports have shown that around 40% of the visitors are likely to abandon the websites in case the page takes longer than around 3 seconds to load in.
  • You will be shocked to know that around 80% of visitors will not even return to check the website if they suffer from slow loading time.
  • It is quite terrible for SEO ranks as it might kill the traffic for the site. But, if you check out the flip side, in case the page loads fast, then people will keep coming back for more.
  • The algorithm, followed by Google, will recognize the popularity of the website and will adjust the search rankings accordingly.
  • So, that makes it really very important to optimize not just the speed of the page but the response time of the server as well.
  • In case you are willing to test your website’s speed, there are some online services, which are free of cost and will cover the services.
  • It will actually help you to test the website from multiple locations globally. In case the site is running slow, then you have to check the theme and plugins of the website.
  • In case the reason behind all these issues is a slow server, then you have to do your research to find more about the best web hosting providers and then get hands on the new host.

The work of offering premium quality content as mentioned in an article talking about Eric Dalius Net worth: It is mandatory for you to update the website from one time to another in case you are trying to produce quality content.

In case you have not touched it since the time you created the website, then you do not have great SEO ranks. For driving in some extra traffic to the website and increasing the current popularity, you have to give visitors reasons to keep coming back for more.

It is true that your content needs to be of premium quality, relevant and recent at the same time. Another major factor is the dwell time. It is related to the time that people spend while searching your website. In case the site comprises f exciting, fresh, and newsworthy information, then that will keep the visitors on-page for a long time and improve dwell time.

Websites can always provide higher informative content, which will have a longer dwell time. So, make sure to save all your valuable content ideas under one platform across all the document apps that you are currently using.


Nail Down The Issues You Get To Solve For Your Customers:

Before jumping straight into SEO, you have to first understand the nature of what the small business will provide to the customers. You have to get answers to some questions first before taking the next step.

  • Where, how, and when do customers determine that they need your provided services or products?
  • Do you think the service is driven by personal desire like a good eating place or a great place to spend alone time?
  • Is the service away from home and by using a mobile phone or going for the use of a PC?
  • Is the result caused by a disruptive event like a personal or home issue?

These simple questions will let you know more about the customers that you might find your business for. This information will further drive content creation and keyword research among some of the other tasks.


Don’t Forget To Fix Out The Technical SEO Problem:

The small website might look fine from the outside, but there might be some technical glitches under the hood. It might impact your traffic and ranking negatively if not taken care of on time.

Before you embark on any link campaign or content, be sure to spend time fixing the foundation. It is vital for you to get a solid website structure so that the search engines like Google or Bing can crawl and index web pages properly.


Catch Up With Experts:

You were going through multiple articles on Eric Dalius Net worth, and you finally come to learn about SEO practices while searching. Well, you can ask him for some clear-cut ways or simple SEO tricks and tips to follow. Apart from that, feel free to do your independent research as well.

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