How to Increase YouTube Views with Giveaways and Contests

How To Increase YouTube Views With Giveaways And Contests

If you are trying to expand your YouTube channel, you need to come up with some creative ideas to increase your engagement and get your audience’s attention. let’s have a look to buy real active youtube subscribers.

Fortunately, the YouTube contest is one of the best ways to get it. In this article, I’ll share some ideas for YouTube contests for large-scale engagement.

1. Video-based contests to increase YouTube views

A great way to enhance YouTube views is to show videos in online contests and promotions. You can embed YouTube videos in the online contest and watch the important parts to participate in the contest. For example, you can create a video quiz or ask people to vote for your favourite video clip.

Here’s an example that inspires you: a promotion that can be started by any brand. In this case, coffee brands are trying to increase the number of views of videos explaining different types of coffee. Applicants must watch the entire video without the option to skip before entering contact details to get a chance to win.


2. Gift Contest

The Gift Contest is one of the easiest contests to run on all platforms to gain more views on your youtube videos, as everyone loves to get free stuff and want to gain more engagement.

Find the best site to buy YouTube views to gain popularity and Run Giveaway contests to increase their chances of getting more subscribers. You are free to choose the method of participation you like, there are no fixed rules you have to follow. It depends on your competitive goals.

Example: If one of the goals of the contest is to get a subscriber and email address, you can encourage participants to register and participate from the website or the landing page of the Social Contest.


3. Monitoring and Managing YouTube Contests

Since YouTube Contests are running, you need to monitor whether the contests are working well. Analyze competitive video performance by tracking subscriptions, channel views, and overall upload views.

It’s important to track the metrics of the contest video, as you may not be able to get the attention you deserve for the contest. Therefore, you may need to create more follow-up videos or promote your videos on all channels.


4. Promotion

After all the planning, effort and investment spent on prize selection and video or series of video production, there are steps necessary for a successful YouTube giveaway or contest. If you haven’t yet made a significant presence on YouTube, you’ll need to rely on other channels to disseminate the information.

Whichever route you choose, make sure your YouTube Promotion Awards stand out, make your contests and giveaways exciting and fun, and include a subpoena link for people to enter the contest. If you use YouTube videos to generate contests/giveaways, you need to do more than create great videos.

You need to give people a reason to give them their name and contact information. This is where many marketers make big mistakes. Price and brand inconsistencies are very common in social media contests and giveaways.


5. Determine the purpose of the gift or contest

Before creating a gift, you need to understand why. Your goal is the driving force behind the types of prizes you choose, how you set up your contest, how your users participate, and so on.

Your main goal is to increase your YouTube views, but there are other reasons to host prizes such as:

  • Increase YouTube subscribers
  • Increase video interaction
  • Get more likes on YouTube
  • Raise awareness of the channel

Make a note of these goals as they help create competition. In addition, once it’s done, it helps you measure the success of your giveaway.


6. Select a related prize

Once you have defined your prize goals, select a prize. Many brands choose the price they think they like without doing any research. The problem with this is that the audience you attract isn’t interested in your brand.

Therefore, it does not involve leads or sales and conversion. They are only for giveaways. Instead, choose a price that your audience wants and is relevant to your business.



The announcement of all kinds of giveaways and warnings of competition is of great interest. Build on top of it by turning the giveaway into a quiz and giving the person who answered the quiz question correctly a chance to win a prize.

The kicker is that you will find the right answer in your YouTube video. Not only will the number of views increase, but the total playback time of the video will also increase.

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