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Writing is not always easy for students. When you need to deal with custom paper writing, you can get help from GPALabs, or use a sample. A good example can help with everything in your writing: coming up with good ideas, structuring the paper, and citing sources.

Despite the fact that essay writing may be a difficult task for you, a sample can help greatly. With it, you will not be mistaken in how to write your paper. Thanks to the following sample, you can write a great essay about suicide. Even if you need to write on another topic, you can find out how to structure your paper properly.

Factors That Influence Suicide in Youth

The increasing rates of suicide at a young age constitute a major concern of public health. As Turecki and Brent remark, “suicide is the second leading cause of death in individuals 15-29 years.” Youth suicide is most commonly triggered by social influences, such as family background, peer relationships, and media influence, and these factors need careful attention in order to develop effective prevention strategies.

The family context has a decisive role in adolescents’ emotional and psychological development. Therefore, conflicts with parents are the leading causes of youth suicide. Furthermore, the absence of communication and neglect of communication needs within families can be equally detrimental in terms of suicidal behavior among youth. Hence, raising awareness among parents and guardians is particularly important.

Peer relations also have a strong impact on young adults and adolescents. In this context, bullying and peer rejection are of particular importance. Physical and verbal bullying at school causes psychological distress, which ultimately leads to suicidal ideation. Therefore, it is essential to develop school-based support groups, hotlines, and online counseling services in order to mitigate the risks of youth suicide.

Media reporting is another important factor of youth suicide. Scholars contend that young adults are particularly susceptible to the negative effects of media publicity. For instance, a celebrity’s suicide can trigger the imitation of suicidal behavior among youth, especially within the first 30 days of media coverage. It is necessary to develop outreach programs and awareness campaigns in the media domain in order to prevent this behavior.

Thus, young adults and adolescents are particularly vulnerable to suicidal behavior, since they are subject to multiple influences from the external environment, such as the family context, peer relations, and media publicity. Hence, prevention of youth suicide requires joint efforts from parents, educators, and policy makers in order to mitigate the risks of this alarming tendency.

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