How To Live A Life With No Regrets 

How To Live A Life With No Regrets
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A Lot of us have known regret at some point in our lives. A few second thoughts are undeniable, yet sometimes they can assume total control over our lives. Furthermore, what night about the regretful situations we were putting ourselves into right now? 

Here are a few things we can do right now so that when we reach the end of our story we can make a happy closure.

1. Celebrate Your Failure 

It’s alright to mess up sometimes. Have you ever watched a hurdler in the Olympics? Have you counted the number of obstacles the runner pushes over in that 110 metres? About most of them! They don’t break their pace. Since it’s not about focusing on running the ideal race and not pushing over any obstacles, it’s just about getting across the line.

So never worry about making mistakes or failing at something because if you never try at first how will you ever succeed? All successful people have a history of continuous failures that have led them here. 

2. Be The Owner Of Your Life

You’re the one bearing every outcome of your life – yet would you say you are the one who’s truly living it? Do you make your choices based upon your passion, dreams, and goals – or do you do something only because that’s what your mom needs, what your dad expects, what your partner wishes?

Is it true that you’re worried about what others will think about you if you live life on your terms? One day life will be gone, you will be gone- envision how you’ll feel when you’re breathing in your last moments and never went with any of the major decisions in it. This is the sort of thing you can change today. Make every moment of your life count. Do what you feel like doing

3. Life’s Not Over Yet 

Life’s Not Over Yet
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Regardless of whether you have a heap of disappointments and regret at present, do understand this one thing. Your times are not up yet. Regardless of the number of mistakes that you’ve made in your life, you just need to do things right for once. Try not to look back at what could have been – keep your focus on the bigger picture. So if you understand that, you have the decision to make. You can return to your busy hectic life and carry on as though nothing has happened.

Or on the other hand, you can hit somebody up and express what you feel, you can apply for that job, make that appointment and get a vitamin D test done, or go on a road trip you’ve always planned to do. If you still won’t make any effort to do any of those things you want then you’ll regret it later. It’s up to you. A life free of regrets can start right now. 

4. Make A Decision Right Now 

Do you have a passion or a lifelong dream? Is it okay to say that you are actively seeking after it – or have you just left it for that ‘one day? One Day is the day that won’t ever come. So if you don’t want any regrets, then settle on a choice right here, even before you finish reading this article. 

You know it. And you’re thinking about that one thing you want so badly. Either bid farewell to your dream or start working towards achieving it today. That way you will have intentionally settled on the choice to pursue it or leave it. So think about it. If you want it bad enough then be motivated if not, then let go.

5. Be There While Your Children Grow Up 

We need to work hard at our jobs if we wish to succeed. Yet, we also need to realize who we’re doing it all for. Kids don’t stay small forever. One day they all grow up and move on with their own lives and if you miss them growing up, you will not get another opportunity. So create a work-life balance and be there for your kids. 

6. Learn From Your Mistakes 

Have you ever observed that people who always regret their failures and mistakes will end up repeating them?  Regretting a mistake isn’t the same as learning from it. That’s the reason we tend to dwell on them until we learn the lesson. 

7. If You Can’t Control It Leave It To God 

Many of us plan our lives and get instantly heartbroken when the slightest thing doesn’t work out according to it. We stay in unhappy relationships, work draining jobs, and get stuck in hopeless situations only because we thought this is what we needed and this is what would make us happy.  We try so hard to take control of our lives and forget that there is higher power over us. That’s Why we stay miserable most of our lives. 

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