5 Tips on How To Maintain Focus While Studying

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Maintaining focus isn’t an easy task. Even brilliant students fail to maintain their focus. Let’s create a scenario, where you were studying statistics, and suddenly, in between, you got unrelated thoughts such as the funny movie that you watched last night, friends’ gossip, funny jokes, etc.

Sometimes, it is not your fault but the surrounding creates distractions. For example, your brother disturbs you during your study time. These distractions can break your focus. The worst part is that while studying, maintaining focus is difficult plus the surroundings don’t let you study too.

If you feel the same way don’t worry, we got something for you. In this article, experts from EwritingService will talk about how you can maintain your focus while studying.

1. Your Study Place Should Be Comfortable

This is the most important point. Make sure that your study place should be comfortable otherwise, it will lead to many distractions. Everyone has a different thinking so therefore you need to come up with your study place.

However, there are a few places, such as a library, classroom, personal room, etc. that we can recommend you choose as your study place.

2. Remove All Distraction When You’re Studying

Emotional StressSo, you are studying statistics and suddenly you hear a notification voice on your laptop. The next thing you will do is leave your book and check that notification, maybe your friend might have sent you something funny.

You see this just diverted you and who knows how long you will waste your time on that laptop? That is why you should keep every possible thing away that can distract you. Your phone, laptop, and even if your clock distracts you, remove it.

3. Timetable

Make a timetable for yourself. This timetable will help you to prioritize all the important things. Suppose you have an industrial chemistry exam before economics. In your timetable, you will increase the time for industrial chemistry so that you can learn effectively.

Making a timetable is an easy task however following the timetable is the difficult part. What is the use of a timetable if you can’t follow it? It is important to follow the timetable otherwise you might end up regretting it.

4. Take Small Breaks

Back And Neck MassagerTaking small breaks between studies is the best way to maintain your focus as well as study effectively. Ensure that those breaks are small and you still follow the timetable.

Psychology says that a person should take a break after every 40 – 45 minutes. In other words, you study for 40 – 45 minutes and after that take 15 minutes break.

In that 15 minutes do whatever you want, watch a video on YouTube, scroll your social media feed, chat with a friend, have snacks, etc.

5. Eat Healthy Snacks

Talking about snacks, most students prefer junk food over healthy food. This is very wrong because it also affects your focus as well. Prefer healthy snacks instead of pizza, burgers, oily fries, etc.

The reason is that healthy food can boost your brain. This will help you stay focused while junk food is harder to digest which can create many problems. You can have snacks such as carrots, eggs, cucumbers, oranges, etc.


The above points might look a little bit difficult to follow but if you do, you can easily master your focus. Remember, staying focused is important for effective studying.

However, no one can help you unless you help yourself. You must have heard, “The best way to not feel hopeless is to get up and do something”. This means if you struggle, you might win instead of feeling hopeless.

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