How To Make Money On Pornhub? How Much Does Pornhub Pay?

The common question arises to The viewers of porn, on porn hub websites – how to make money on pornhub? And they also think that how much money does pornhub pay to upload the video on pornhub website?

So today, we are revealing the answers of these questions so that if you are thinking of making money from this, this thing gives you an idea on how to start monetisation and how to make money from pornhub. So first discuss On the point that –


How To Make Money On Porn Hub?

To make money with Porn hub, you first joined their Amateur Program” And after joining you can upload your content to make money.

How to Join a major program of porn hub

First of all you need to sign up for a free account and after that you have been verified by the admin’s. To qualify for monetisation you need to upload your valid government ID Proof.


5 Ways To Earn Money From PornHub

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1. Free To View Videos

Free to view videos is the most popular way to earn money on pornhub. In this method you have to upload your videos and make them available to be viewed as a free porn on porn hub.

How Much Does Pornhub Pay For It?

In this method you will get ad revenue generated by your videos watching time, the rate you will get paid by porn hub depends on the ratings and views of your feet. An approximate earning you get age depends upon the average RPM which is dollar per thousand views. The average RPM of previous years is $0.69 in 2018.


2. Second Method For Sale videos

In this method, porn hub and other website modelhub – which is the adult market place where you can sell your videos at a particular price you choose.

How much does pornhub pay for it?

In this method you can generate revenue for what you want and the quality of your content accordingly. You can also choose to make your videos free available, and you can earn revenue by showing ads.


3. Third Method Pornhub Premium

In this method you can upload a video for sale, this will make your video available for premium Customers.

Porn hub premium will pay a per view Higher rate about $45 per thousand views.


4. Fourth Method Fanclubs

In this method you can create a subscription service or in which you can upload your content and you can create a fixed price you want. 


5. Custom Clips

You can upload your custom clips on model half and porn hub. Set up your form, choose what you want to choose what you want to offer and start getting paid accordingly.

Disclaimer: This post is only for a knowledge base, we do not promote such kinds of       websites and content. We also HATE the violated and illegal content.


So, I hope you understand how much you can earn by uploading your videos on porn hub. You are getting a good amount of money from this website. Note – But be not so ambitious, that for money you can do illegal work.



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