How To Recover Data From A Pen Drive?

How To Recover Data From A Pen Drive
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A pen drive is a type of storage device that can be either an internal or external flash drive. Files and data can be stored on it. Data recovery software allows you to recover data from a pen drive. Before recovering lost data, it is crucial to create a backup copy of the data on a pen drive.

In this article, we’ll cover all you need to know about data recovery for pen drives, including how it works, your alternatives, and how to do it yourself if you’re tech-savvy.

What is a pen drive?

An item of storage that resembles a flash drive but is bigger and more powerful is called a pen drive. Data can be stored on a pen drive, which is frequently formatted for usage with a specific computer system.

Data on a pen drive could be permanently lost if it is not recovered. So, when utilizing a pen drive, data recovery software is crucial.

If your pen drive becomes broken or your files are lost, this software can assist you in recovering your data. To make sure that your contents are safe and secure, you can routinely back up the data on a pen drive using data recovery software.

How to recover data from a pen drive?

Make that the pen drive has been correctly formatted before trying to retrieve any lost data. This will make it easier for the pen drive to precisely and effectively store files.

Make sure the pen drive is empty of any extraneous data. Delete any unnecessary files from the pen drive after formatting. To search for lost data on the pen drive, use a data recovery programme.

Save whatever data you find on your computer to a new location. If data cannot be located, it’s possible that the pen drive is damaged and needs to be replaced. You may quickly recover lost data from a pen drive by following these instructions.

Steps to follow to recover data from a pen drive

If you have lost data on your pen drive, follow the steps given below to recover data from a pen drive.

  • Make sure the pen drive is properly formatted.
  • Remove any unnecessary files from the pen drive.
  • Connect the pen drive to your computer and open file explorer.
  • Locate the folder that corresponds to the type of file you are looking for (music, pictures, etc.).
  • Right-click on the file and select “Extract here.”

You should then be prompted with the option to extract files or folders. Choose which files or folders to extract by selecting the “Extract files” option.

Once the files have been extracted, you should open them with a programme like WinRAR or EaseUS recovery software that allows data recovery. This software makes it simple to retrieve deleted data.

Additionally, you can look for a data recovery facility in your city if you need to recover data from a pen drive. similar to Dhaka Recovery, one of Bangladesh’s most well-known radio stations, which is located in Dhaka.

What to do if you cannot find the file you are looking for on your pen drive?

If you cannot find the data on your pen drive, there are a few steps you can take to recover it.

Try accessing the data from a different computer: You can access the data after formatting the device. As an alternative, you can attach the drive to a different device that is running software that allows direct file access.

Try using a data recovery software program: These software programs are designed to recover lost data from hard drives. They can help you recover lost files even if they have been deleted or formatted

Contact a data recovery specialist for help: These experts are capable of recovering lost files and formatting pen drives for optimal performance and storage capacity.

Try recovering the data by imaging the drive: This entails moving files from the drive to a different computer or storage device. Cloning is another name for this.


It is important to realize that data recovery is a drawn-out procedure. It is important to try recovering data from your pen drive before giving up completely because it takes time for data recovery software to scan the device and retrieve data files.

To assist you recover lost files from your pen drive or after your file system has been formatted, you can download data recovery software.

If we were able to help with any queries about backing up your files and data to a pen drive or other storage device, please leave a comment below.

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