How To Repair The Mercedes-benz Automatic Transmission

How To Repair The Mercedes-benz Automatic Transmission – If you want to repair your Mercedes-benz Automatic Transmission. You have to spent a good amount. If you have some knowledge then you can overcome your expences on repairing your Mercedes-ben. Because you can negotiate with the service providers or Mercedes service centers.

So first you should know the problems that mostly arrives in Mercedes Benz.

Common Mercedes Benz Transmission Problems:

How To Repair The Mercedes-benz Automatic Transmission

Even though Mercedes Benz transmissions are particularly intended to be dependable and offer years of support, occasionally they need an occasional support. There are a couple common transmission conditions that could happen. These comprise:

  • Solenoid failure
  • Excess valve body wear
  • Low fluid levels caused by torque converter failure
  • Failure of internal parts such as bearings, springs, pumps and planetary gears


What Is Solenoid Failure

Solenoid failure

The top 5 failure modes of solenoid valves. Often, the malfunction of a solenoid valve can be attributed to easy to fix issues, such as dirt in the valve (80% of the cases).

Another common issue is a too low differential pressure for indirect operated solenoid valves. These failure modes apply to all kinds of valves, such as 2 way valves, but also to 3 way valves.


Mercedes Benz Transmission Repair

Nearly all Mercedes Benz transmission mechanic for service possess the 722.6 automatic transmissions. The 722.6 transmission uses 5 push speeds and is totally computer-controlled.

Earlier transmissions created by Mercedes were more prone to significant equipment failure that frequently caused a wreck of ruined transmission parts.

The most telling indication of equipment train collapse is a loss of motion in reverse or drive or grinding or complaining or seems when the equipment is participating. The noises might happen if the car is moving or not.

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Mercedes Transmission Computer And Electrical Problems

All of model 722.6 Mercedes transmissions may experience a variety of electronic problems. There are substantial differences between earlier and later model 722.6 transmissions. This means the probability of the cause of failure and the cost of repair may differ greatly.

Even in the later model Mercedes, electronic problems are still prevalent but are often less costly to repair because removal and disassembly of the transmission is not necessary.

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