How to Track Down Your Lost Apple Watch When the Battery’s Dead

Effective Ways to Find Apple Watch If Dead
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So you’ve lost your Apple Watch. Again. Also, this time the battery’s long dead, so you can’t ping it or check where it last adjusted.

Typical. But, don’t overreact – despite the fact that it seems like finding a needle in a haystack, all trust isn’t lost. With just the right amount of detective work and a few savvy tricks, that sucker can still be found.

Let’s get sleuthing!

5 Effective Ways to Find Apple Watch If Dead

Once the battery in your Apple Watch dies, tracking it down can be tricky. But don’t lose hope! There are several steps you can take to potentially locate your watch, even when it’s no longer powered on.

1. Use the Find My App

Use The Find My App

Assuming you have the Find My app enabled on your iPhone, the area of your Apple Watch was naturally refreshed periodically at whatever point it was connected with your iPhone.

Open the Find My app, select your Apple Watch from the list of devices, and the guide will show its latest area. This may basically give you a region to look at as a beginning stage.

2. Check your Wi-Fi networks

Your Apple Watch might have automatically associated with nearby Wi-Fi networks you’ve connected with before with your iPhone, as at home or work.

See if you can access the router settings for those networks to view a list of recently connected devices. Your watch may show up by its model name or serial number. This could confirm if it was at one of those locations when it was last connected.

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3. Use your iPhone to call your watch

iPhone to call your watch

Even though your watch battery is dead, your iPhone could in any case have the choice to find its Bluetooth signal expecting to be it’s close to it. Open the Find My app on your iPhone, select your Apple Watch, and tap “Play Sound.”

Your iPhone will attempt to play an alarm on your watch to help you with finding it. Walk around the area listening for the alert to get louder, indicating you’re getting closer.

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4. Check your clock faces and complications

If your watch battery only recently died, the information displayed on your watch’s face and complications, when it was last active, could provide clues to its whereabouts.

For example, if it showed the weather for a location different than where you are now, or displayed a timer counting down for an event, that may jog your memory about where you last used or saw your watch.

5. Retrace your steps

Carefully retracing your steps from the last time you remember wearing or seeing your watch is one of the most effective methods for locating it again. Even going back a few days may help, in case it fell off or was misplaced without you realizing it at the time.

Visually scanning the areas you frequented may turn up your watch, even if the battery is drained. Staying determined and not giving up the search easily will increase your chances of being reunited with your Apple Watch.

How accurate is Find My Apple Watch?

How accurate is Find My Apple Watch

Find My Apple Watch uses your Apple ID to track the location of your Apple Watch. The good news is, it’s generally pretty accurate. The more your Apple Watch is associated with Wi-Fi and cellular networks, the more exact the location can be.

At the point when your Apple Watch has an active association with a Wi-Fi network, Find My can pinpoint its area within a couple of feet. If your watch also has cellular connectivity, Find My will use that as well to determine the location. The more connections and signals Find My has access to, the more precise it can be.

Unfortunately, once your Apple Watch battery dies completely, Find My can no longer actively track its location. However, Find My will show the last known location of your watch before it lost power. This can at least give you a starting point for your search, even if the location isn’t 100% up-to-date.

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The location accuracy will depend on the connections and signals available when your watch had its last active ping from Find My before the battery drained. The most important steps are to act quickly before the battery dies completely and take advantage of all resources available to track down your Apple Watch.

Tips for the most accurate tracking

To help ensure Find My provides the most precise location for your Apple Watch, follow these tips:

  • Enable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on your watch when possible. This gives Find My more connections to determine location.
  • Enable Find My Apple Watch in the Apple Watch app on your iPhone. This allows Find My to actively track your watch’s location.
  • Enable wrist detection on your watch. This will ensure Find My pings your watch’s location even when it’s not actively in use.
  • Make sure Find My is enabled for your Apple ID. Find My uses your Apple ID to track all your Apple devices, including your watch.
  • For the best tracking, wear your Apple Watch regularly. The more you wear it, the more opportunities Find My has to pinpoint its location.

While Find My Apple Watch isn’t 100%  accurate, following these tips will assist with ensuring it gives the most current area tracking feasible for your Apple Watch. And once when the battery bites the dust, the most recent area from Find My is as good as it gets then nothing to assist with pointing you in the correct direction.


So that’s it. With a touch of luck and some sharp detective work, you can find that errant Apple Watch in any event, when the battery has died. Try not to lose hope on the off chance that it doesn’t appear right away – sometimes these search and salvage missions take patience.

Just put on your thinking cap, retrace your steps, use Find My, and enlist friends to help canvas the neighbourhood. Stay persistent and positive. With smarts and some grit, there’s a good chance your beloved watch will make its way back to your wrist before too long. And next time, be sure to keep it charged!

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