How to Unblock Someone on Cash App

How to Unblock Someone on Cash App
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So you went and blocked someone on Cash App, didn’t you? Maybe an ex or old friend said something out of line. Or perhaps a relative was constantly bugging you for money. Whatever the purpose, blocking them was regarded as the right move at the time.

But now you’re having second thoughts. Turns out absolutely slicing off contact isn’t always as fulfilling as you’d was hoping. Or perhaps the scenario has cooled off and you’re geared up to make amends.

The good news is unblocking someone on Cash App is just as easy as blocking off them. With some quick taps, you could reopen the lines of conversation and optimistically flow on from something induced the block inside the first place.

Here’s a way to unblock someone and make peace through the power of peer-to-peer payments.

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Understanding Blocking on Cash App

Blocking someone on Cash App is defined as stopping them from viewing your profile, sending you money or requests, and contacting you. It’s thanks to the restriction of undesirable interactions in the app.

To block someone at the cash App, visit their profile and tap the menu (three dots) within the top right nook. Select “Block” from the options. This will block them from contacting you or viewing your profile and transactions. Any pending requests from that user will be cancelled.

  • Blocking is one-way. The other users will no longer be notified that you’ve blocked them and they’ll nevertheless be able to use Cash App as ordinary. They just won’t see you.
  • Blocking prevents all interaction between you and the other user. They won’t be able to message, view or interact with your profile in any way. Likewise, their profile and any info about them will disappear from your view.
  • Be cautious about blocking users. Only block someone if you feel genuinely uncomfortable with their behaviour or if you wish to cut off all contact. Blocking should not be used casually or without cause.
  • You could block people to restrict distractions or undesirable interactions in the app. But take time to consider the consequences, particularly if it’s someone you’ve got a present relationship with. Blocking should only be used when necessary to prevent harassment or make your experience secure using the Cash App platform.

If you have additional concerns about a user’s behaviour or feel unsafe, you can also report them to Cash App support. But for most casual blocking, simply tapping “Block” on their profile should prevent further interaction so you can continue using Cash App without disruption.

Why You Might Want to Unblock Someone on Cash App

There are a few reasons why you may want to unblock someone on Cash App.

1. They Were Blocked by Mistake

Maybe you blocked them accidentally or in a moment of frustration. We all make mistakes. If you realize the block was unjustified or impulsive, unblocking it will allow you to continue your transaction or communication.

2. The Issue Has Been Resolved

Perhaps there has been a disagreement or false impression that caused the block, however, it has on the grounds been cleared up. Unblocking the person indicates that the issue is within the past and you are willing to move forward.

3. You Need to Send or Receive Money

If the blocked individual owes you cash otherwise you owe them money, you may must unblock them to finish the transaction. While the block was meant to cut off contact, financial obligations still need to be settled. Unblock, send or request the funds, then re-block if needed.

4. You Want to Give Them Another Chance

People mess up. If enough time has exceeded and you are feeling forgiving, you may want to unblock them to present the connection or friendship any other shot. Having open thinking and being willing to unblock a person who’s making an attempt to do better can go a long way.

Of course, if the person used to be blocked owing to harassment, scams, illegal activity or other serious problems, it’s best to leave them blocked. Your safety and protection have to be the concern right here. But for minor spats or accidents, unblocking may be an option if you feel comfortable doing so.

The choice is ultimately up to you. But now you know some of the possible reasons why unblocking someone on Cash App could make sense. In case you do unblock them, you can usually re-block if wanted. The block function is there if you want to use it at your very own discretion.

To unblock someone on Cash App, just follow these easy steps:

1. Open the Cash App app

Open the Cash App app on your device. Touch the profile icon on the top left of the display screen to open your profile.

2. Tap Activity

Under your name and profile photo, tap “Activity”. This will show you a list of all your recent Cash App transactions, messages, and other actions.

3. Find the blocked user

Scroll through the activity feed till you find the name of the user you desire to unblock. Tap on their name to open their profile.

4. Tap “Unblock”

At the very bottom of their profile page, you’ll see a button that asserts “Unblock”. Tap that button.

5. Confirm the unblock

Cash App will ask you to confirm that you want to unblock this user. Tap “Unblock” again to confirm.

Once confirmed, the other user will be unblocked and will be able to send you payments or messages again on Cash App. You’ll also be able to send them cash and messages.

If at any point after unblocking them you need to block the user again, genuinely do the same identical steps to re-block them. You have a manager who is capable of touching or transacting with you on the cash App.

Unblocking a user on Cash App is a simple technique, but make certain you completely faith the user before unblocking them. If you unblock a person who has scammed or taken advantage of you in the past, they shall attempt to do so again. But for friends or your own family you can have blocked by way of accident, following these steps will get them lower back in your approved listing on Cash App.

What Happens When You Unblock Someone on Cash App

When you unblock someone on Cash App, a few things will happen:

  • Your transaction history will become visible to them again.

Once unblocked, the person you unblocked will be able to see any payments between you again. If you’ve paid or requested money from each other recently, those transactions will reappear in your feeds and transaction histories.

  • They may try to contact you.

The person you unblocked may attempt to message or chat with you again through the app now that the block has been lifted. Be prepared for them to possibly try reaching out, especially if things ended on a sour note. You can always re-block them if needed.

  • Any scheduled or pending payments will be processed.

If there were any payments you had scheduled to send to this person before blocking them that hadn’t yet been processed, those transactions would now go through as planned. Similarly, if they had any payments scheduled or pending to send to you, those will also resume.

Unblocking someone on Cash App essentially reopens the lines of communication and sharing between you two. Make sure you know the results completely earlier than unblocking, however, know you can usually re-block if wished. The power to control your revel in is in your hands.


So there you’ve got it, a short and clean way to unblock a person on Cash App in case you’ve had a change of heart. Mistakes manifest, and once in a while, we act too rashly within the warmness of the moment.

However, now you understand the steps to treat the state of affairs and open the traces of verbal exchange once more. While Cash App’s security functions are there to protect you, it is exceptional to have the option to undo things and make amends when wished.

Go ahead and reach out to that friend or member of the family nowadays – existence’s too short to keep onto petty disagreements and misunderstandings. Bury the hatchet, reconnect, and get back to using the cash App to ship and acquire money from people who count numbers to you.

Cash App is a popular mobile payment service, but what happens when you block someone on the app? Here are a few common questions about blocking users on Cash App:

1. If you block someone on Cash App, can they still send you money?

No, once you block a user on the Cash App, they will not be able to send you payments or requests. Any pending payments or requests from the blocked consumer could be cancelled.

2. When you block someone on Cash App do they know?

No, the cash App does not notify customers when they have been blocked. The blocked user will honestly not see your profile or be able to interact with you on the app.

3. How do you know if you are blocked on Cash App?

If you are not able to find any other user in the search bar or scan their QR code, this normal ability you have been blocked by way of that user. You will also no longer see any transaction history or messages with that user.

4. Does Cash App notify the other person when you block them?

No, the Cash App does not send any notification to a user after they are blocked.

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