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International Travel Insurance – How To File A Claim?

International Travel Insurance

If you are planning for a trip, there are many things you should consider. Like – Hassle-free claim settlement, your medical expenses and other risks.

International travel insurance offers comprehensive coverage against matters which will likely spoil your journey. It covers your health expenditures and other risks so you are able to enjoy your journey hassle-free.

A travel insurance policy is a favorite choice among individuals travelling vacations, business trips, or even for studies.

Hassle-free claim compensation is the very first thing comes to mind whenever you’re stuck in almost any untoward event throughout your overseas excursion. What to do and how to do it?  These questions leave you at a perplexing state.

Travel insurance companies make their efforts to offer quick claim settlement to the customers so that they bring only good memories.

Here Are Few Steps That You Should Follow For A Successful International Claim Settlement:

Claim Settlement Process

The claim process under overseas travel insurance involves few things:

1. Notification Of Claim

You need to alert the customer care group or support service provider concerning the promise. Below are some Vital details that are required for international travel claim settlement:

  • Policy number, policyholders’ name, nature of illness or injury
  • Date of admission to hospital or date of loss, whichever is applicable
  • Name and address of the attending medical practitioner and hospital
  • Any other information, documentation, or details requested by the company


2. Cashless

You can avail of the cashless facility at the network providers for in-patient care. Also, call the customer

support team. You need to request a cashless facility in a prescribed format. Your travel insurance company may authorize your request and allow your claim for cashless treatment.


3. Reimbursement

Under reimbursement, you have to bear the medical expenses from your pocket at the time of discharge from the hospital or loss, whatever is the case. When you come back to India, you can file for reimbursement.

Documents: You need to submit the list of documents according to the benefits. The claim management team examines the submitted papers and processes your claim.

Points to Be Noted:

While filing the claim under overseas or International Travel Insurance, you should keep the following points in mind to ensure timely claim settlement:

  • Take all the reasonable steps to minimize the quantum of the claim
  • Follow the directions, advice, or guidance provided by the Medical Practitioner
  • Intimation, notification, and submission or provision of all information and documents provided timely
  • All payments under the policy shall be made in Indian Rupees and within India
  • In case of flight delay or cancellation, a return confirmation from the airline is required.
  • After submitting all the documents, you will receive an approval letter


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