Difference Between ios 12 And 13 Tweakbox

There is no difference between the Tweakbox which is used in ios 12&13. As it is similar as it was before the only difference that everyone wants is that the changes you may feel while using Tweakbox is because of the operating system.

Note- There is a huge difference in both operating system which are defined in a descriptive way below.




When the iPhone was launched it never ever stops its up-gradation procedure, as the time starts enrolling, Apple also continues to upgrade itself. As it was apples latest and a version previous to this which till know continues to be its most advanced version of all.

Mainly the difference between both the version is minor as you can see all the features of version 12 in version 13 with a lot of improvements.


1. Availability And compatibility

The ios 13 is available in iphone6s and iPhone SE or later and on iPod touch 7th generation but the remaining like iPhone 5s, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6plus all of these can run on ios 12.
Some iPad’s too cannot come with this operating system. They will get compatible once they are getting the new iPad os.

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2. Performance: ios12 & ios13

In performance, ios 12 is doing much better than ios 11 but, ios 13 is looking much advance in performance. As the company claims that the apps which are launching using ios13 is faster in comparison to others and the face id is 30% faster than the previous versions.


3. Siri: Major Difference Between ios 12 And ios 13

Siri seems to be getting more and more advanced day by day. As in the new version of ios, Siri’s translation and suggestion skills got improved from the previous versions. As it can suggest you create custom and quick action shortcut which will help in improving the functioning according to your behaviour.

You can also enjoy while interacting with Siri as its sound has know become more advanced like a human. Thanks to advanced neural text to speech technology developed by Microsoft which enables the machine to interact with human and talk like them.


4. Camera: In ios 12 And 13

In ios, 12 main focus was given to the lightning of portrait mode and with a QR code reading became automatic. And the ability to search an image by a specific event was also improved. Where you can search for events by multiple terms. But in ios 13 the intensity of portrait lighting mode has improved with a new monochromatic effect has been added with a completely redesigned editing experience.


5. Map: In ios 12 And 13

In ios 12 apple has improved more of the settings of maps, like more accurate location with updated information without relying on third parties.

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Whereas in ios 13 maps let you get the look from ground level which is more similar to google street view in which you can get real-time location similar to google street view with exact location.

It also shows real-time transit location which seems more realistic. And in this, you can easily access your favourite location which you move frequently.


6. Remainders, Message And Memoji: In ios12 And 13

There is also a great change in the reminders as in this you can automatically improve and display the reminders to whom priority must be given. It automatically organize and display the remainders which must be prioritised.

Apple has improved Animoji and mimoji feature also in Animoji they have added three new Animoji and also adds more customisation to Memoji and many more.


7. Augmented Reality: In ios 12 And 13

Apple has added ARKit 2 in ios12 versions which opens the doors to all sorts of multiplayer AR games and apps.

In this time Apple has added ARKit3 in ios13 which opens possibilities to feel the game in a more realistic way. And in this, it is using both, front and rear camera which is more handy to use.


Conclusion: These all are the differences between ios12 and 13 but there is no difference between the use of Tweakbox on these two versions there may be a minor difference, and the reason behind all of these is that because of the advancement of the operating system. And then also if you find a problem in it you can check Tweakbox alternatives.

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