Is Cryptocurrency still a profitable career in 2022

The number of people who have become wealthy through Cryptocurrency is innumerable for two reasons. One, the currency is decentralized, making it accessible without any constraints. Another reason is the continued emergence of trading software.

Many legitimate trading robots like BitIQ have successfully convinced investors into choosing crypto trading as a career. These trading robots have a track record of high ROI. It is not surprising why traders consider using auto trading bots to be profitable in their crypto careers.

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However, recent activities around the globe have continued to have telling effects on the cryptocurrency world, which was booming beyond expectations in 2021. The seemingly continuous drop in market cap for Bitcoin and other cryptos now makes people ponder whether it is still a profitable career in 2022.

Profitability of Cryptocurrency

Aside from the fact that investors are not under any form of authority when engaging in their crypto dealings, Cryptocurrency was a profitable endeavor due to the compelling reasons highlighted below.

1. Ease of transaction

Ease of transaction is one of the most crucial selling points of all cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrency can be sent and received quickly today without going through all those rigorous papers works associated with conventional currency.

Anyone from anywhere can transact with it at a low cost using as small as a simple smartphone app.

There are countless trading robots or platforms available mainly to facilitate the buying and selling of crypto without stress. Some popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin now even have dispensing units worldwide in the form of ATMs.

Users now send and receive the cryptocurrencies of choice.


2. Incredible security

This is another essential thing enjoyed by all crypto investors. There is adequate safety on their assets.

Cryptocurrency is built on highly sophisticated technology that is fully equipped with the latest security measures.

These measures were taken to prevent traders from getting hacked and losing their crypto assets to cybercriminals.

It is no surprise that many people started accepting Cryptocurrency as a medium of payment. Thanks to the high hash rates of this digital currency, not many cybercriminals will attempt to expend the required high amount of computing power needed to compromise the blockchain network cryptocurrency utilizes.


3. Short time settlement time and low fees

Investing in Cryptocurrency to reap the benefits of its appreciation is one of the most familiar reasons investors are flocking to the market.

However, many people who chose Cryptocurrency as a profession often relish their ability to make profits using the asset as a medium of exchange.

They bank on the fact that the settlement time is short, and there are little to no fees to be paid, unlike the conventional modes of transactions in various financial institutions.

They can take as much as 3-5 days for completion, and a significant amount is levied on each transaction.


4. More private transaction

Individuals who chose Cryptocurrency as their means of livelihood also get to transact privately. The risk level of their identity exposure is low as all investors’ wallets are tightly secured.

Although this is not fail-proof, users can make more anonymous transactions via third-party platforms like Bitcoin trading robots.


5. Cross-border payment

Traders were also able to circumvent any imposition caused by country borders. Accessing the conventional currency of a particular country in another one might prove challenging, and this might hamper the smooth flow of transactions.

In contrast, there is no such problem with Cryptocurrency. People can send and receive crypto cross-border with no restrictions or having to pass through some financial authority.


Should you still go into crypto in 2022?

You can still go into crypto trading, provided with the right tools and enough patience. The market behavior is not entirely new and can easily pick up before anybody can prepare for it.

So, the best thing to do is to have a long-term plan for the Cryptocurrency of your choice and see how it plays out throughout the year.


What you stand to gain

Thanks to the effectiveness of trading robots, you can stay ahead of market activities. In the long run, you will stand to gain the following benefits.

  • Lucrative returns on your investments
  • You will be part of the subsequent reemergence of the industry’s profitability.
  • It reduced market competition for you.
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