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In an IT outsourcing scenario, an organization needs to keep themselves abreast of all the trends happening in the IT sector.

These IT outsourcing statistics report from various corners of the world helps the offshore software development companies to analyze the growing demands and popularity of the offshore software outsourcing market in a global perspective.

IT outsourcing is a very complex field and requires comprehensive analysis and timely feedback from the clients. The need for IT outsourcing statistics report is necessary to understand the IT outsourcing market trend effectively.

IT outsourcing statistics report

IT outsourcing organizations find this kind of research very helpful in planning their business strategies. The IT outsourcing organizations need to study the market trends deeply to understand the growing need and popularity of the business activities.

The reports also help the company in identifying the main challenges and hurdles for success in the IT-BPO sector. As the business activities are carried out offshore, the major IT outsourcing companies face many challenges. These include the lack of time, lack of resources and other factors that are quite essential in the successful execution of the project.

The first challenge is faced by the offshore IT company is the lack of local expertise. Many of the companies believe that the cost effective and reliable service provided by them will be sufficient to gain success. The first challenge that they face is not having the right set of people to work with them.

The ideal candidate for the IT services will have some IT development background as well as the ability to interact with both the internal and external team. The IT outsourcing organization should always try to develop a good relationship with the people hired for the project.

The second challenge is more challenging and it’s related to the Risks involved in the offshore software development activities. The Risks associated with the projects vary from each project. The projects may need extensive research in the IT industry or it may just require a simple research.

This research may include the usage of current and reliable software or a new application for the business. While using the applications may be advantageous, using the software without proper training or understanding of the industry requirements would be disadvantageous to the project. The risks can also include the issues faced during the implementation process like integration and customization, change management processes and scalability and availability.

The third challenge is related to the culture of the organization. Some business owners have the idea that outsourcing is the most ideal solution for their business but they don’t have the IT expertise to implement the process. The outsourcing team should be made aware of the culture and the methods adopted by the company in order to fully utilize the services provided. The Outsourcing statistics can also be used to assess the performance of the offshore software development company.

There are a number of things that can be used in the IT outsourcing statistics report. These include the number of calls made and the number of calls received by the outsourcing organization per day, peak hours of the activity, the average number of calls made by the outsourcing team per day, average number of request sent per day and response rates. Data can also be used to analyze the cost effectiveness of the business using this report. This can be used to evaluate the profitability of the business and to make changes if necessary to improve it.

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