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Itsbumblebea’s Most Viral Twitter Video

Watch a Twitter Video by following @Itsbumblebea.

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Itsbumblebea’s Twitter video has gone viral on social media platforms across the web and all over social media, becoming one of the top trending videos across Twitter, Reddit, Youtube and other popular social networks. She hails from the US.

Her video can now be found everywhere from Reddit and Youtube to other networks and even some mainstream news websites like BBC news and CNN.

Who is itsbumblebea girl?

itsbumblebea nude leaked pics

Jane Itsbumblebea is an American Singer-Songwriter-Actress known for being “Queen of Hip-Hop Soul”.

Over her long and successful career she has released multiple albums as well as appearing in multiple movies and web series.

itsbumblebea nude leaked Onlyfans pics

As of 2022 her estimated net worth stands at $20 Million. She holds several other nicknames such as “the Queen of Hip-Hop Soul”.

itsbumblebea leaked pics

Born January 11th 1999 and currently 22 years old. She was the second child born into New York city to her parents with one elder sibling and two younger ones; as part of their choir at their Pentecostal Church they used to sing for Sunday services together as children; during childhood singing led them into sexual abuse from family friends while later she suffered sexual harassment by peers and experienced molestation at age five from them as well.

She quickly made headlines for both Twitter and Reddit with videos and images she uploaded virally to social media such as Twitter and Reddit, including photos.

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After dropping out from school in junior year of high school she joined Yonkers band “the Pride” temporarily as part of her musical career pursuits.

At the time of her birth, Itsbumblebea’s mother Core, was a nurse; while Thomas Itsbumblebea, was a jazz musician.

itsbumblebea nude leaked pics

LaTonya and Jonquell are her elder siblings while Bruce Miller is her half brother who later left home due to post traumatic stress disorder and later left entirely from Vietnam veteran warrior status – leaving their families during mid 1970s.

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