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Janette Littledove

Janette Littledove was born on September 4, 1966, in Cache, Oklahoma, which makes her 59 years old this year.

She has appeared in many movies and TV shows throughout her career, showing off her acting skills. But did you know that she also has a family?

Janette has loved ones who support and encourage her in all her endeavors. And speaking of endeavors, have you ever wondered how much money she makes?

Who is leJanette Littledove?

Janette Littledove! She’s a shining star and an outstanding actress. She was born on September 4, 1966, in a small town called Cache in Oklahoma, USA. As a young girl, she loved to act and dreamt of becoming an actress. And guess what?

She made her dream come true! She’s now a famous actress who brings characters to life in movies. She’s also a loving family member and a great friend. Janette also loves to travel and explore new places. Isn’t that cool? So, when you watch a movie and see Janette, you know she’s a talented actress who loves her work.


NameJanette Littledove
Age59 years old as of 2023
Zodiac SignVirgo
Born4 September, 1966
Birthday4 September
BirthplaceCache, Oklahoma, USA
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Early Life and Education

Where did our star, Janette Littledove, spend her childhood? It’s in the small town of Cache, Oklahoma! Isn’t that exciting? Now, what about school? Well, we’re not sure which school she went to. But we do know she was a curious and lively kid.

She loved to learn new things! Maybe she liked reading books, painting pictures, or playing sports. You know what else? Janette discovered her love for acting when she was very young. Maybe she performed in school plays or acted out her favorite stories. That’s how Janette Littledove started her journey to becoming a fantastic actress!

parents and siblings

Janette Littledove comes from a loving family in Cache, Oklahoma. We’re still determining her number of siblings, but we know she has a warm and supportive family. They’ve always cheered her on, from her early days when she dreamed of becoming an actress.

Janette often talks about the fun times she’s had with her family and dramatically values these moments. You know what’s the best part? They still enjoy spending time together and creating beautiful memories. Her family’s love and support have helped her become the shining star we admire today!

Husband and Boyfriend

Janette Littledove is a fantastic lady! You might wonder, “Does she have a husband or a boyfriend?” Well, we are still determining. You see, she likes to keep her personal life private. That’s her choice, and it’s essential to respect that. But here’s what we know: She loves her family and friends and has lots of fun with them!

And guess what? She also loves meeting her fans and treats everyone with kindness. So, while we might not know about a special someone in her life, she’s surrounded by people who care about her!

Janette Littledove Age, Weight, Height, and physical appearance

Janette Littledove was born on September 4, 1966. That makes her 59 years old this year! Isn’t it amazing how she stays so energetic and lively? We know her height is 5 feet 7 inches and weight is 58kg, but from her pictures, she looks super fit and healthy! And guess what else?

She has beautiful dark hair and sparkly eyes that shine brighter than the stars. She’s an excellent reminder to stay active, eat well, and care for our bodies. After all, a healthy body helps us shine brightly, just like Janette! So, keep running, jumping, and playing – you’re a star too!

Janette Littledove Career

Janette Littledove is a shining star who lights up the screen with her fantastic acting! Her journey began in the small town of Cache, where she discovered her love for acting. She worked hard, practicing her lines and taking classes.

Her big dream? To become an actress! And guess what? She did it! She’s been in many movies, making us laugh, cry, and cheer. It’s not always easy, but Janette shows us that we can reach for the stars with hard work and dedication! So next time you watch her act, remember her journey to get there. Isn’t that cool?

Janette Littledove Before Fame

Once upon a time, Janette Littledove was just like you and me. She lived in a small town called Cache in Oklahoma. It was there she first discovered her love for acting. She could put on plays with her friends or pretend to be a character from her favorite movie.

As she grew up, she realized she wanted to be an actress. But it was sometimes challenging. She worked hard every day to make her dream come true. She took acting classes, practiced her lines, and never gave up, even when things got tough. And look at her now! She’s a famous actress, all because she believed in her dreams. Isn’t that amazing?

Janette Littledove’s Social Media Presence

Did you know that Janette Littledove loves connecting with her fans online? Yes, she does! Like many other stars, she uses social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook to share fun moments from her life. Sometimes, she might post a photo from a beautiful place she’s visited or a behind-the-scenes picture from a movie set.

It’s like getting a peek into her life! And the best part? We get to see her fun, caring personality shine through. So, check out Janette’s social media pages next time you’re online. You might find something that makes you smile!

A Glimpse into Janette Littledove’s Personal Life and Relationships

Janette Littledove loves to be around her family and friends. She enjoys hanging out with them when she’s not acting, sharing laughter, and creating fun memories. She also loves meeting her fans, who adore her for the work she does.

Janette believes in kindness and treats everyone with love and respect, just like a true star! She also enjoys traveling and exploring new places. Remember when we talked about her hobbies?

Sometimes, she takes her loved ones along on fun trips, too! So you see, Janette Littledove’s life off-screen is just as exciting as her life on screen!

Janette Littledove The Legacy 

Just like the twinkle of a star in the night sky, Janette Littledove’s legacy shines brightly in the acting world. Every character she’s played has a touch of her magic.

She taught us that any dream can become a reality with determination and hard work. Janette’s journey inspires us to never give up on our dreams, no matter how hard things seem.

She proved that everyone can make a big splash in the world, no matter where they come from. So, when you’re watching her movies, remember Janette’s legacy. And you too can be a star, just like her!

Janette Littledove’s Net Worth and Achievements

Janette Littledove is a shining star in the acting world. She has earned lots of love and much money from her fans. Although we know the number, her net worth is estimated to be $ 5 million. Not just money, she’s also won many awards for her acting skills.

These shiny trophies are the proof of her hard work and talent. However, the most significant achievement for Janette is the smiles she brings to her fans’ faces. It’s not always about money or awards; sometimes, love from fans is the biggest reward. So, next time when you see her on screen, cheer for Janette Littledove!

Janette Littledove Legacy and Impact

Janette Littledove’s work has left a mark that will be remembered for a long time. Just like when we paint a beautiful picture, Janette has painted her story in the acting world. Her hard work has inspired many others to follow their dreams, just like she did.

And it’s not just about being an actress, but also about being a great person. She has shown us how to respect everyone and treat them kindly. Plus, she’s taught us always to enjoy life and our favorite hobbies. So, let’s remember to learn from Janette’s journey and bring our dreams to life, just like she did!


  • Traveling: Janette loves exploring new places and cultures. Each trip is an exciting adventure for her. 
  • Outdoor Activities: She loves the outdoors. Whether it’s taking a walk, having a picnic, or simply enjoying nature, Janette adores it all.
  • Birthday Celebrations: Not only is her birthday a special day, but she also loves celebrating it. It’s always filled with fun and joy!
  • Star-gazing: As a Virgo, she’s fascinated by the night sky and enjoys star-gazing.

Remember, these are just some of her hobbies. Everyone has unique interests, and Janette’s hobbies reflect her love for adventure and the outdoors. So, if you also love these activities, you share something in common with Janette Littledove!

Favorite Thing about Janette Littledove

  •  Favorite Place: Janette loves to travel! The world is her favorite place; she always enjoys exploring new spots. 
  • Favorite Activity: When she’s not acting, Janette enjoys being outdoors. She could go for a walk or even have a picnic. It’s always fun to be in the fresh air!
  • Birthday: September 4 is a special day for Janette because it’s her birthday! And guess what? She shares it with other famous people. Wow!
  • Zodiac Sign: Janette is a Virgo. People with this star sign are known to be hardworking and creative. Just like her!
  • Job before Acting: Did you know Janette had different jobs before she became an actress? That shows us we can try many things before finding what we love. Remember, these are a few of Janette’s favorite things.

Just like us, she enjoys simple pleasures and has unique interests. So, the next time you watch her act, remember she’s just a regular person who likes fun things, too!


1. When is Janette Littledove’s birthday?

Janette Littledove celebrates her birthday on September 4.

2. What was her first movie?

Good question! We’ll find that out for you.

3. Does she have any pets?

Hmm, we have yet to find out that. Maybe she has a secret pet dragon! Remember, these are just guesses and fun thoughts. It’s always exciting to learn more about the people we admire!

We’ve taken a fun journey learning about the exciting life of Janette Littledove. Remember, Janette teaches us that everyone has a story to tell, whether you are an actress or a student. We can all learn something valuable from her journey, such as the importance of hard work and dedication.

And let’s remember staying true to ourselves, just like she did. So next time you watch her acting, remember there’s much more behind that screen. Keep exploring, keep learning, and maybe one day, we will be reading about your story!

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