Jawan Movie Teaser Date Confirmed, Big News for Shah Rukh Khan’s Fans

Jawan Movie Teaser Date Confirmed

Shahrukh Khan’s fans are looking very excited about the teacher of the movie Jawan. And by now the teacher of Jawan movie should have come as Shah Rukh Khan’s Pathan movie trailer was launched 3 months ago before the movie was released.

According to some estimates, people were assuming that the teacher of the jawan would also be launched this month.

If we see in the comparison of the Pathan movie, in which people were very thirsty for Shahrukh Khan’s Pathan movie. According to that, people are seeing the same enthusiasm about Jawan film which was 6 months ago at the time of Pathan movie.

Jawan Movie Teaser Date Confirmed

As we expected that the teaser of the Jawan movie may come in the next month, a big media house has stamped it. According to n4gm, the teaser of the movie Jawan may come on the 7th of July and the first song of the movie Jawan may also be released on 15th July.

Our speculation has been proved right by Bollywood Hungama, who are saying that- Jawan’s Teaser will be launched on July 7 by makers.

Although Bollywood Hungama did not confirm that Jawan Ka Teaser will be launched on July 7 only, they say that its teaser can be launched on July 7 or July 15. But it is confirmed that the teaser will be launched on either of these two dates.

There is a lot of buzz among the people about Jawan’s teaser and as we have seen that many movies by Shah Rukh Khan have been launched in a completely new way, similarly we hope that its teaser will also be released in a very powerful way and as all Teasers were shown on the channels in the middle of the movie, something similar can be seen as we saw in Ra.One’s teaser.

And this news is coming out that the teaser release event of this movie will be held in Chennai instead of Mumbai.

Because most of the artists in this movie are from the same side. Maybe SRK is thinking of wrapping up the Tamil market. because This Movie director and music director is also from Chennai because Adi Purush’s movie was Telugu and Hindi movie. So there was some big event in Telugu too. So this kind of strategy can be seen somewhere.

As the trailer of the Pathan movie was shown on Burj Khalifa, it is possible that the Jawan movie teaser will also be shown on Burj Khalifa in the same way.

Friends, what do you guys think about this, 7th July here, 15th July, on which day the teaser of this movie can be launched, you guys tell us by commenting and if you want to know about the trailer, release date, etc. of this movie then our Follow us.

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