Justin Hartley and Jennifer Morrison Reunite in “Tracker”: A This Is Us Fan’s Dream Come True

Justin Hartley and Jennifer Morrison Reunite in Tracker
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Get ready for a heartwarming television reunion! Fans of the beloved show “This Is Us” will be thrilled to see Justin Hartley and Jennifer Morrison share the screen once again. This time, however, they’re not playing the complex Pearson siblings, Kevin and Cassidy. Hartley stars as the lead in the new CBS drama “Tracker,” and Morrison appears in a guest role during the show’s exciting season finale.

From Pearson Family to “Tracker”: Justin Hartley Takes on a New Challenge

Justin Hartley has become a household name thanks to his portrayal of Kevin Pearson in “This Is Us.” The show explored the lives of the Pearson siblings, their triumphs, challenges, and the unbreakable bond they shared. Hartley’s character, Kevin, was a charming and often-troubled actor who grappled with his identity and relationships.

In “Tracker,” Hartley sheds the Hollywood persona and steps into the shoes of Colter Shaw. Colter is a skilled tracker who uses his expertise to find missing persons and solve mysteries. The show takes viewers on thrilling adventures as Colter utilizes his knowledge of survivalism and keen observation skills to crack complex cases.

A Blast from the Past: Jennifer Morrison Joins the Cast

While fans are accustomed to seeing Hartley charm his way through Hollywood in “This Is Us,” “Tracker” offers a different side to the actor. The show dives deeper into themes of survival, resilience, and the importance of trust.

Enter Jennifer Morrison’s character, Lizzy Hawking, in the season finale titled “The Storm.” Lizzy is an old friend of Colter’s, rekindling a connection established way back in their childhood. The episode throws Colter a curveball when Lizzy pleads for his help in finding her missing daughter.

The reunion between Hartley and Morrison is sure to tug at the heartstrings of “This Is Us” fans. Their on-screen chemistry in “This Is Us” was undeniable, and viewers are eager to see how their dynamic plays out in this new setting.

What to Expect from the Reunion?

Details about Morrison’s role are a bit under wraps, but early reports suggest she plays a pivotal character in the season finale. Lizzy’s daughter’s disappearance pushes Colter to utilize all his skills and experience.

The episode is said to explore the emotional toll of such a case, adding a layer of depth to the high-stakes search.

People Also Ask:

Will Justin Hartley and Jennifer Morrison be a couple in “Tracker”?

There’s no confirmation yet on the nature of their characters’ relationship in the show. However, given their history on “This Is Us,” some fans might be hoping for a romantic spark.

Is there a trailer for the “Tracker” season finale?

While there isn’t a full-fledged trailer dedicated solely to the finale, some sneak peeks have been released. These clips offer glimpses of Colter and Lizzy’s interaction and hint at the emotional weight of the episode.

Beyond the Reunion: Exploring “Tracker”

While the reunion is certainly exciting, “Tracker” has much more to offer viewers. The show delves into the world of professional trackers, highlighting the unique skillset and dedication required for such a demanding profession.

The series also explores the emotional toll that comes with constantly facing high-pressure situations and dealing with the families of missing persons. Colter isn’t just a skilled tracker; he’s also a compassionate individual who deeply empathizes with those seeking his help.

A Look Ahead: Will There Be More “This Is Us” Reunions?

With Morrison’s guest appearance, fans can’t help but wonder if there will be more “This Is Us” reunions in “Tracker’s” future. While there haven’t been any official announcements, the positive response to Hartley and Morrison’s on-screen chemistry might pave the way for future guest appearances from other “This Is Us” stars.

Conclusion: A Must-Watch for Fans and New Viewers Alike

Whether you’re a die-hard “This Is Us” fan or simply looking for a gripping new drama, “Tracker” is definitely worth checking out. Justin Hartley’s portrayal of Colter Shaw is captivating, and the show offers a unique blend of action, suspense, and emotional depth. Jennifer Morrison’s guest appearance adds another layer of excitement, reminding viewers of the undeniable chemistry between her and Hartley. So, tune in and see what unfolds as Colter tackles his most challenging case yet, with the help of an old friend.


What roles do Justin Hartley and Jennifer Morrison play in “Tracker”?

Justin Hartley stars as Colter Shaw, a top tracker on the hunt for answers. Jennifer Morrison’s character adds deep history and close ties to the story. The duo’s bond is vital in solving the mystery.

What is the main plot of the “Tracker” season finale?

“Tracker”‘s season finale tackles the vanishing of two storm chasers. Shaw digs deep with his tracking abilities while the case seems like an accidental drowning to local cops. Morrison’s character is heavily involved because of a family loss.

How does Jennifer Morrison’s role add to the narrative of “Tracker”?

Morrison’s part gives the show a rich emotional layer. Her character is deeply tied to the missing, making the search very personal. This adds to the urgency and drama that unfolds.

How have Justin Hartley and Jennifer Morrison evolved since “This Is Us”?

Both actors have broadened their TV careers since “This Is Us,” showing off their skills in various roles. Hartley continues to impress with his drama work, and Morrison shines in guest spots. Their roles in “Tracker” highlight their progress in the industry.

Are there other “This Is Us” cast members involved in “Tracker”?

Jon Huertas from “This Is Us” directed one of “Tracker’s” episodes. This shows the ongoing support and connections among the “This Is Us” family.

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