Kendall Jenner Spotted With Harry Styles Amid Quarantine


Selena Gomez opens up about her mental health during a conversation with Miley Cyrus. kendall Jenner and Harry Styles reunite while California’s on lockdown. Plus Katy Perry reveals the gender of her baby. Hollywood life very easy to find are those bagpipes can we like thank you put okay to the news starting off with ariana grande because over the weekend she showed off her acting chops. Ariana recreated a scene from Adam Sandler’s iconic film waterboy and it was pretty hilarious.

Hey you are so cute is there a girl you’re seeing see you I see a lot of girls I see a lot of guys – I think that’s sexy. You ever been with a guy and a girl at the same time oh yeah pay attention the other night. I was with my mama and coach Klein at the same time you are a bad boy. I wish you and my boyfriend oh thank you but see there’s this girl Vicki vallencourt she may be the devil. Mama said day consequently I’m prohibited from contact with her but I hope to get past that one day cause the doctor this made my morning so thank you very much Arianna and I’d like to see you next to Adam Sandler in uncut gems.

[su_youtube url=”https://youtu.be/Cj–K4pl2Rg” width=”760″ autoplay=”yes” mute=”yes”]

I will wait this is how I went moving on a Justin Bieber cuz he and his wife. Haley just went live on Instagram with Toronto Maple Leafs player Austin Matthews to speak about his infamous mustache and life. Justin revealed the reason. He shaved it off was because Haley persuaded him to aka Loki forced him to on behalf of all the believers out there. Thank You Haley anyway Justin also spoke to Kendall on Instagram live and she revealed the first time that she and Haley met Kendall reveal that – They crossed paths at the Hunger Games premiere but at that point.

Haley was closer with Kylie, kendall says – “she and Haley actually started to become closer friends when Kendall took more modeling gigs in New York City. Where Haley was living Kendall also reveals her quarantine routine involves staying off of screens and tie-dyeing lots of tie-dying”.

I just bought a tight eye kit maybe we can tie dye together. Kendall also told Justin and Haley that her sisters and Chris are all staying very far away from each other as part of social distancing. However they do live in mansions the size of Walmart so standing six feet apart isn’t really hard for them but maybe they just need some time apart but alright from Justin’s chat with Kendall to Harry Styles run-in with Kendall.

I wish I could show these photos because they’re hilarious the exes were spotted driving around to LA but there is a twist. Carrie was riding around his motorcycle while Kendall was in her open-air convertible with her friend Phi Kandra.

pital and I discussed that after years of going through a lot of different things.  I realized that I was bipolar and so when I go to when I go to know more information it actually helps me.  It doesn’t scare me once I know it and I think people get scared of that right.

They’re like oh and I’ve seen it and I’ve seen some of it even in my own family. Where I’m like what’s going on where it’s it’s just.  I’m from Texas it’s not known to like talk about your mental health.

Right now and afraid to talk about it especially being in quarantine now.

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