King Legacy Map – Islands & Seas【2022 Updated Map】

The King Legacy Map is a fan-made Minecraft map that spans across 16 different islands and seas.

It’s based on the popular game, “The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker.” And while it may not be an exact replica of the game, it definitely captures the spirit and feel of it.

Whether you’re a fan of “The Legend of Zelda” series or just enjoy exploring new maps in Minecraft, I highly recommend checking out this awesome creation!

King Legacy Map – Islands & Seas

Ending with a cliffhanger king legacy map is an amazing thing to have. It shows the different areas of the kingdom and what king reigned over each area.

For example,

  • The first sea was the king’s land and the second sea was the queen’s land.
  • The third and fourth seas were controlled by different factions.
  • The fifth and sixth seas were considered neutral territory.

This map is a great way to see how the king’s legacy has grown over time.

The First Sea of King Legacy Map

First Sea  king's land

The First Sea is an ocean that surrounds the continents of Westeros and Essos. It is also referred to as the Sunset Sea due to its red-tinted waters. The First Sea is home to many islands, most notably Dragonstone.

Second Sea of Queen’s Land

Queen's Legacy Map

The Second Sea of Queen’s Land is a large body of water located south of the First Sea of Queen’s Land. It is home to many different types of seafood, including lobster, crab, and fish. The Second Sea is also known for its beautiful coral reefs.

The Third and Fourth Seas

The Third and Fourth Seas are a king legacy map that details the islands and seas of the world. The map was created by King Legacy, a group of scholars and explorers who dedicated their lives to understanding the world around them.

The map is incredibly detailed, showing not only the locations of various islands and seas, but also their climates, animal life, and plant life. The map is an invaluable resource for anyone interested in learning about the world around them.

The Fifth and Sixth seas

King Legacy Map fifth Sea

The fifth and sixth seas are located to the south of the king’s legacy map. They are both heavily traveled areas, due to the fact that they lead to the king’s palace.

The fifth sea is known for its many islands, which are home to a variety of creatures. The sixth sea is home to a number of dangerous creatures, including dragons.

50+ Orange Town – Pirate Island:

  • Quest on Pirate Island
  • Map with the islands near the boat seller.

100+ Shells Town – Soldier Island:

  • Quest on Soldier Island
  • Soru Seller (spawn house)

180+ Arlong Park – Shark Island:

  • Quest on Shark Islan
  • Shark Blade Drop
  • Cyborg Seller

250+ Baratie – Chef Ship:

  • Quest on Chef Ship (Island)

400+ Drum Island – Snow Kingdom

  • Quest on Snow Island

500+ Rocks Island

  • Quest on Rocks Island
  • Dark Leg Style Seller
  • Triple Katana seller

525+ Alabasta – Sand Kingdom

  • Quest on Sand Island
  • Gear 4th Snake Man seller

525+ Skypiea – Sky Island

  • Quest on Sky Island
  • Pole Drop
  • Kenbunshoku Haki Seller
  • Devil Fruit Remover (Mysterious Wizard)
  • Red bird for Gear 4th

800+ Skypiea – Sky Island

  • Quest on Sky Island
  • Pole Drop
  • Kenbunshoku Haki Seller
  • Devil Fruit Remover (Mysterious Wizard)
  • Red bird for Gear 4th

1000+ Sabaody Archipelago – Bubble Island

  • Quest on Bubble Island
  • Pipe Seller
  • Black market
  • Busoshoku Haki Seller
  • Special Quest

1250+ Enies Lobby – Lobby Island

  • Quest on Lobby Island
  • Devil Fruit Remover (Mysterious Wizard)

1500+ Thriller Bark – Zombie Island

  • Quest on Zombie Island
  • Shadow master orb drop chance > raid boss Oars.

1750+ Marineford – War Island

  • Quest on War Island
  • Golden Arena Mode
  • Bisento Drop
  • Mini Mace Seller on one Pillar
  • Quest for the second sea

2000+ Fishland

  • Quest on Fishman Island
  • Fishman Karate style

3000+ Stone Arena

Expert Swordsman/Shanks/Mysterious Swordsman every 6 hours

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How to unlock the Second Sea?

The King Legacy Map – Islands & Seas is a special map that can be obtained by completing the game on either Normal or Hard difficulty. This map will reveal the location of all the islands and seas in the game, as well as the specific conditions that must be met in order to unlock them.

In order to obtain this map, you must first complete the game on either Normal or Hard difficulty. Once you have done so, go to the main menu and select “Extras”, then “King Legacy Map”. This map is completely optional and is not required to beat the game.

However, it can be a useful tool if you are having trouble finding certain islands or seas.

  1. Get the map in Fishman Island: Kill the seasoned Fishman in Fishman Island until you get the map
  2. War Island: Complete the quest to locate a map (100k Belli & 150k exp)
  3. Find Elite Pirate: Behind a secret wall at Start Island (by the snake quest)
  4. Set the spawn in the second sea after the Elite Pirate teleports you there

2250+ Floresco:

  • Deck (2250):
    • Boat Seller
    • Elite Pirate
    • Black Market
    • Hint (NPC)
  • Floresco Town (2550):
    • Gacha
    • Drago (NPC)
    • Cyborg Seller
    • Fishman Karate Seller
    • Dark Leg Seller
    • Dragon Claw Seller
    • Bounty Leaderboard
  • Oden (King samurai) spawn

2300+ Fons Land

2400+ Hibernus Land

2700+ Carcer

2850+ Torrefacio

2950+ Viridlans

3025+ Skull Island /Onigashima:

  • Dragon Orb Drop
  • Authentic Mace Drop
  • Boat Seller

3100+ Dead Tundra:

  • Quests on Dead Tundra
  • Anubis Axe Drop
  • Adventure Knife Drop
  • Boat Seller

3200+ Loaf Island:

  • Sunken Blade Drop
  • Cookie Sword Drop
  • Metal Trident Drop
  • Phoenix Blade Drop
  • Kioru Seller
  • Boat Seller
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