King Legacy Map – Islands & Seas

King Legacy Map
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if you want to unblock the Second Sea of King Legacy Map – Islands & Seas, our guide will help you in each stage. In this guide we will explain you what difficulties are awaiting for you in the first sea, and how to overcome these difficulties to reach to the second sea.

The First Sea of King Legacy Map


The First Sea is an ocean that surrounds the continents of Westeros and Essos. It is also referred to as the Sunset Sea due to its red-tinted waters.

The First Sea is home to many islands, most notably Dragonstone.

Here is the quick overview of FIrst Sea:

Island NameDescription
Start IslandThe starting point for all players, featuring basic shops and trainers.
Shellos IslandHome to the Shellos NPC, offering early-game quests.
Orange IslandA suitable place for leveling up, featuring easy mobs and bosses.
War IslandOffers more challenging enemies and provides access to the Second Sea.
Sky IslandA floating island with powerful mobs and a chance for rare loot.

Below are all details of the islands in the First Sea of King Legacy, where you’ll get all details about every NPC, quest, and boss.

1. 0 – 50, Loguetown – Starter Island

Kill 6 Soldiers (300 Beli and 143 XP)
Kill 7 Clown Pirates (600 Beli and 1423 XP)
Kill Smoky (900 Beli and 2860 XP)
Kill Tashi (1200 Beli and 4290 XP)
Find 3 Fried Chicken Legs (5000 Beli and 2400 XP)
BossesSmoky, Tashi
MobsSoldiers, Clown Pirates
NPCsBlack Market Dealer, Nishi, Drago, Elite Pirate, Katana Seller, Gacha

2. 50 – 100, Orange Town – Pirate Island

Quests– Kill 6 Clown Swordsmen (250 Beli, 9000 XP)
– Defeat Buggy the Clown (500 Beli, 1600 XP)
Bosses– Buggy the Clown
Mobs– Clown Swordsmen
NPC– Sailor

3. 100 – 180, Shells Town – Soldier Island

Level Range100-180
Quests– Kill 4 Commanders (Reward: 750 Beli, 23040 XP)
– Defeat The Captain (Reward: 1000 Beli, 33640 XP)
– Defeat The Barbaric (Reward: 1250 Beli, 32400 XP)
Bosses– The Captain
– The Barbaric
Mobs– Commanders
NPC– Soru Seller

4. 180 – 250, Arlong Park – Shark Island

Level Range180-250
Quests– Kill 4 Fighter Fishmen (Reward: 1500 Beli, 64000 XP)
– Defeat Karate Fishman (Reward: 1750 Beli, 84640 XP)
– Defeat Shark Man (Reward: 2000 Beli, 100000 XP)
Bosses– Shark Man
Mobs– Fighter Fishmen
– Karate Fishmen
NPC– Cyborg Seller


Second Sea of Queen’s Land

Queen's Legacy Map

The Second Sea of Queen’s Land is a large body of water located south of the First Sea of Queen’s Land. It is home to many different types of seafood, including lobster, crab, and fish. The Second Sea is also known for its beautiful coral reefs.

How to unlock the Second Sea?

The King Legacy Map – Islands & Seas is a special map that can be obtained by completing the game on either Normal or Hard difficulty. This map will reveal the location of all the islands and seas in the game, as well as the specific conditions that must be met in order to unlock them.

In order to obtain this map, you must first complete the game on either Normal or Hard difficulty. Once you have done so, go to the main menu and select “Extras”, then “King Legacy Map”. This map is completely optional and is not required to beat the game.

However, it can be a useful tool if you are having trouble finding certain islands or seas.

  1. Get the map in Fishman Island: Kill the seasoned Fishman in Fishman Island until you get the map
  2. War Island: Complete the quest to locate a map (100k Belli & 150k exp)
  3. Find Elite Pirate: Behind a secret wall at Start Island (by the snake quest)
  4. Set the spawn in the second sea after the Elite Pirate teleports you there

2250+ Floresco:

  • Deck(2250):
    • Boat Seller
    • Elite Pirate
    • Black Market
    • Hint (NPC)
  • Floresco Town(2550):
    • Gacha
    • Drago (NPC)
    • Cyborg Seller
    • Fishman Karate Seller
    • Dark Leg Seller
    • Dragon Claw Seller
    • Bounty Leaderboard
  • Oden (King samurai) spawn

2300+ Fons Land

2400+ Hibernus Land

2700+ Carcer

2850+ Torrefacio

2950+ Viridlans

3025+ Skull Island /Onigashima:

  • Dragon Orb Drop
  • Authentic Mace Drop
  • Boat Seller

3100+ Dead Tundra:

  • Quests on Dead Tundra
  • Anubis Axe Drop
  • Adventure Knife Drop
  • Boat Seller

3200+ Loaf Island:

  • Sunken Blade Drop
  • Cookie Sword Drop
  • Metal Trident Drop
  • Phoenix Blade Drop
  • Kioru Seller
  • Boat Seller

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