Top 10 Largest Urban Parks In The World 2023

Welcome to our blog article on the top 10 most popular and largest urban parks in the world 2023. We all know that urban life can be very hectic. With lots of tasks to complete and little time is it easy to forget about the surroundings.

This is why we’ve put together an inventory of the top 10 largest urban parks in the world specifically for you. They provide a serene place to relax in busy cities. They’re ideal for getting away from the daily busyness. Take a stroll in one of these parks now!

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List Of Largest Urban Parks In The World 2023

1.Chugach State ParkUnited States495,199.20 acres (200,400 ha)
2.Gatineau Park Table Mountain National ParkSouth Africa54,610.30 acres (22,100 ha)
3.Margalla Hills National ParkPakistan42,961.70 acres (17,386 ha)
4.Pedra Branca State ParkBrazil30,626.20 acres (12,394 ha)
5.McDowell Sonoran PreserveUnited States30,394 acres (12,300 ha)
6.Losiny Ostrov National ParkRussia28,664.20 acres (11,600 ha)
7.Sanjay Gandhi National ParkIndia25659.423 acres (10384 ha)
8.Franklin Mountains State ParkUnited States24,246 acres (9,812 ha)
9.Bayou Sauvage National Wildlife RefugeUnited States22,758.40 acres (9,210 ha)
10.Bukhansan National ParkSouth Korea19,748.70 acres (7,992 ha)

1. Chugach State Park

Chugach State Park is one of the largest urban parks in the world, covering more than 200,400 hectares. Chugach State Park is located in Anchorage, Alaska. “Chugach” is the name of the tribal group that refers to the people of the area. Indigenous people.

The park itself is home to diverse geographical features, such as high mountains, foothills, lakes, and rivers. There are also hikes that are well-liked by visitors.

Other activities popular with outdoor enthusiasts within the park are rafting, biking, riding ATVs on bikes, fishing, kayaking and more. There are cabins and campgrounds that park visitors can hire.

2. Table Mountain National Park

The second-largest urban park in the world is situated in Cape Town, South Africa. The park, with a total area of 22,100 hectares, is named after the famous plain Table Mountain, which has flat tops that make it appear as if it’s the highest point of the table.

A cable car in the park will take visitors all the way to the highest point of Table Mountain. The park has around 2,200 diverse species of plants as well as 1,470 flowering species that are native to the area.

3. Margalla Hills National Park

The third largest urban park on earth comprising 17,386 hectares, is situated in the town of Islamabad which is the capital city of Pakistan.

South Asian nation of Pakistan. The park, founded in the year 1980, comprises its own Margalla Hills, Rawal Lake, and the Shakarparian Sports and Cultural Complex.

The park is home to numerous species of reptiles, birds, and mammals. It is part of the Islamabad wildlife sanctuary. It also offers numerous hiking trails that are well-loved by both locals and tourists.

4. Pedra Branca State Park

Pedra Branca State Park is an urban park that covers 12,394 hectares in one of Brazil’s most populous cities, Rio de Janeiro. It could be more precisely classified as an urban rainforest.

It is protected by most of”the” Atlantic Forest remnant of Rio de Janeiro which is one of the biomes that are most at risk in both Brazil and around the globe.

It is home to over 900 varieties of plants and more than 500 species of mammals, birds reptiles, amphibians, and fish, a few of which are threatened.

This is the park in the region of the highest spot in Rio de Janeiro, the Pico da Pedra Branca, which is located at 3,360 feet (1,024 meters).

5. McDowell Sonoran Preserve

McDowell Sonoran Preserve is located in the US state of Arizona and is located situated in Scottsdale. It is 12300 hectares in the Sonoran Desert habitat, including numerous multi-use trails that are accessible on foot, by horse, or by bicycle.

It is recommended that visitors to the City of Scottsdale website warn those who visit the park to keep an eye out for rattlesnakes. They are seen emerging from their hiding places in spring.

They are considered to be protected species essential to the ecosystem of the park. Archery hunting is an exclusive experience that is possible at McDowell Sonoran Preserve.

McDowell Sonoran Preserve, especially during the months of December and January which is when javelina and deer season.

6. Losiny Ostrov National Park

Losiny Ostrov National Park is located in Moscow the capital of the Russian Federation. The truth is that 27 percent of the park is situated within the urban boundaries of Moscow, which is the Russian capital. The park is spread across 11,600 hectares.

80 percent are covered with forests. Almost 50% of it is accessible to the general public. The remainder is reserved for designated excursions and tours along with other recreational activities available to the public at large.

The park’s wildlife includes beavers, moose, and moose as well as Weasels, wild board muskrats, hares, as well as red foxes. There are more than 186 species of birds that are found in the park or move through the park.

7. Sanjay Gandhi National Park

The park is named after a famous Indian politician named after a prominent politician, the Sanjay Gandhi National Park encompasses 10384 hectares and is situated in Mumbai, India. The park covers a huge area of forest with more than 1,300 trees.

The park also has a wide range of animal species, which include two74 birds as well as 35 mammal species as well as 170 butterflies.

The park’s visitors are able to take part in various activities, including going on tiger or safaris with lions as well as boating, cycling and even visiting the old Kanheri Caves that were cut into rocks around two thousand years ago.

8. Franklin Mountains State Park

Like its name suggests as the name implies, the Franklin Mountains State Park is situated in the tiny Franklin Mountains range, lying within the city boundaries that surround El Paso, Texas.

The park covers 9,812 hectares and was founded in 1979 to protect and protect the Chihuahuan Desert landscapes. Park activities include hiking cycling on mountain trails, camping, and climbing on rocks.

If you decide to visit Franklin Mountains State Park, you’ll be able to take a mechanized gondola to an observation point located at an elevation that is 5,632 feet (1,717 meters).

9. Bayou Sauvage National Wildlife Refuge

Established to protect the few remaining marshlands in the region The Bayou Sauvage National Wildlife Refuge is situated inside the town of New Orleans, Louisiana, and covers an area of 9,210 hectares.

The refuge has various natural habitats such as bottomland hardwoods, marshes lagoons, canals and lagoons burrow pits, and, of obviously natural bayous. There are 350 species of birds to be seen in the refuge.

Another frequent sighting can be seen of the American alligator. This refuge is one of the nine that are made up of the Southeast Louisiana Wildlife Refugees Complex.

10. Bukhansan National Park

To complete our top ten list of largest urban parks in the world, we have Bukhansan National Park, which is situated in Seoul the capital city of South Korea. The term, Bukhansan, literally means “mountains north of the Han River.”

The park covers 7992 hectares and has been deemed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the “Most visited National Park per Unit Area,” and is visited by approximately 5 million people every year.

It is a favorite among trekkers and has forested areas, gorges, and forests, granite peaks, as well as Buddhist temples. The park also houses approximately 3,100 animal and plant species.

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