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Laser Marking Vs Laser Engraving – Their Advantages & Disadvantages

Laser Marking Vs Laser Engraving
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There is a big difference between laser etching and laser marking. Laser marking involves using chemicals to mark something with laser technology.

This process can be used to create laser engraving on wood, plastic, glass and other materials.

Laser engraving does have many benefits and it is becoming the choice of many manufacturers when it comes to creating laser technology.

But there are some disadvantages of laser marking as well.

Disadvantage Of Laser Marking

The main disadvantage of laser marking is that it has a higher cost per product than laser engraving. The laser machines do not just mark things they can also etch things.

  • The laser marking machines use chemicals to mark items and the chemicals will react with the aluminium in the product.
  • If the item has a high enough quality aluminium then the product can be engraved by the laser machine.
  • But if the item has low quality aluminium then the laser machine will just eat the item leaving a blank space.
  • This type of laser engraving is known as ‘hot lamination’.

Another disadvantage of laser marking is the fact that it only works with certain types of materials. For example a laser pointer will not work with anodised aluminium alloys.

When you use a laser marker on aluminium alloys, it just burns away the coating. This means that you cannot use this type of laser technology on all types of metals. But anodising the alloy will prevent the laser from destroying the item.


What Is Laser Engraving

The process of laser engraving does not wear away the object quickly at all. Once the laser has etched the surface of the item, it takes a long time before the laser wears away the item completely.

The laser that is used to perform laser engraving also does not mark the surface of the item in a very precise way.

Sometimes the laser markings leave a little black spot on the item. But as the laser continues to work, these spots fade away leaving a smooth surface after some time.


Disadvantages Of Laser Engraving

In laser technology there is also a disadvantage that it requires a lot of power.  The laser technology takes a long time to perform the marking process.

  • And if the power goes out in the middle of the laser process, the marking process also could go wrong.
  • Power interruptions occur because there are times when the laser does not get the right amount of power to complete the process.
  • These interruptions slow down the laser marking process.



But even with these disadvantages, laser technology is still being extensively used by many industries and companies all around the world.

It is one of the most effective methods of marking things with laser engraving. It is not affected by the drawbacks of laser engraving. The durability of the laser technology makes it worth the investment.

And it saves time and money when using this process compared to other processes such as laser engraving.

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