What are Local Judge Persons In India? How Can They Help You?

Local Judge Persons
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Hello friends, through this post, i’m discussing on the most precious topic that widely affected all over indian’s house – all about local judge persons. As I have seen, mostly in India all home fights like: fight between husband-wife, any dwary case, and fight between neighbours etc, are solved by these local judge persons.

Who Are These Local Judge Persons?

These local judges are those persons who lives in victims neighbour and are more powerful and rich than victim. In ancient time, when court and other judecary things not available at that time the role of these local judge persons are very high, and they really takes good decisions.

But now, these local judges are not able to provide fair decisions due to their personal attachments and some are courrupts.

There are also types of these judge persons depending on the victims:

First Type: For Husband-Wife Fight Case

In this case, the local judges are from some from girl’s side their relatives and neighbours and some of are from husband’s side. In mostly cases relatives judge this case and solve it.

Second Type: Fight Between Neighbours

In this case, both parties have their own local judges, they can solvetheir case but in this case the local judges sometimes uses add fuel to the flames. Because have their personnel jealousy and other favouritsm.

Third Type: Local Judges Near the Accidental Case

In India, It happens if you get accident or any fight, at any place then people are gathering there. In such cases, people present there, few were act as local judges and try to resolve the issue.

How Can Local Judges Help You?

Suppose that if you are a victim husband and your wife fought you and went to her home. Now you need some middle man who can help you in convienencing your wife.

But what happens when the situation is out of control; In that case these so called local judges which are either your relatives, family-friends or neighbours can help you.

Step – 1. They Can Arrange Your Meetups

In the initial phase they can arrange a meetup place generally at your home or her home, where they can listen both partie’s problems.

Step – 2. Advice You Both

After listeningthe problems from both parties, they can advise you both individually, that’s depend you either you take their advice seriously or not.

Step – 3. Advice You Personally

If they realize that the fault is your’s than they can advice you personally and ask for taking preventions and not to make such foolish things again in future.

Step – 4. Taking Their Descisions

At last if they feels that both parties are satisfied with their advice than they took their advice as a decision, And finalize your case.

In the rare case when situation become worst and out of their hands after that they leave your case and advised you both to go and case a file in court and police station.

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