8 Lucrative Jobs In the Agriculture Industry

Jobs In the Agriculture Industry
Written by Sawyer Bennett

The agriculture industry is essential. If you are planning a career in this field, you’ll have lots of opportunities. Here are eight fabulous and potentially lucrative jobs in this important economic sector that involve recruitment for agriculture.

1. Biochemist

Biochemists know how to work with the world of chemistry and biology. This is an excellent opportunity for those who love science.

As a biochemist, you’ll be on the cutting edge of agricultural research. Get a doctorate and you’ll earn even more. This is a good option for those who like all areas of science and love to participate in actual research.

You might also work on solutions that can help reduce the threat that pests like bugs can pose to a farmer’s crop yields.


2. Food Scientist

Food scientist is another ideal career for those who love the world of agriculture and food. Food scientists spend their days exploring what food can help do for the world. You’ll come up with new ideas to help maximize plant yields and feed even more people.

These are experts who know what people like to eat. A food scientist may work on issues such as how to make fruit sweeter or allow items to be harvested earlier. Food scientists provide more food for people to eat locally and in places all over the globe.


3. Agricultural Lawyer

Lawyers can specialize in the field of agricultural law. This is one area that helps do things such as settle disputes between landowners.

Lawyers work with farmers of all backgrounds. They can help divide up the land, defend the owner’s right to graze in a given area, and stand up for the needs of farmer workers.

An agriculture lawyer helps ensure that all necessary property rights are upheld correctly.


4. Operations Manager

Every farm needs someone to oversee the entire operation. You can train to be that person. You’ll need to have an extensive background in all areas of farm management to apply. An advanced degree and plenty of practical experience are a must for all applicants.


5. Environmental Engineer

Engineers work with varied kinds of machinery to come up with new and improved ways to get things done. They can work on farms and in the agriculture industry.

They help come up with new ideas about how to do things such as improve the way a tractor operates or how to plow the fields more efficiently even in the middle of harsh weather conditions.


6. Professor of Agriculture

People all over the world study agriculture. They want to learn how to manage farms better and improve how they operate each day. Many colleges and universities offer agriculture majors.

You can become a college professor and share your knowledge of the subject with others. As an agriculture professor, you’ll deal with students directly and help them learn.


7. Animal Geneticist

Animals are an integral part of many farms. Farmers use chickens to lay eggs. They have pigs and cows for the meat they yield. A farmer may also work with other kinds of animals on the farm including ducks and even exotic animals like llamas.

You can help study how to make such farms more efficient when it comes to harvesting such resources. In this role, you’re the person who helps the farmer take care of their animals.

You also get to come up with new ways to help animals feel safe and secure. As an animal scientist, you’ll get to work with animals directly. You’ll need to know genetics very well before you can get hired.


8. Wildlife Biologists

Wildlife biologists study the world of biological creatures. They examine all sorts of animals including those that live on farms as well as in the wild. In this field, you can work with many types of animal populations.

You can also do things such as study the mating habits of livestock and learn how to ensure only the best animals are being allowed to procreate.

You can also come up with new ways to protect the farm from the dangers of poaching. As such, you can be there to help ensure the safety of the animals and the farmer.


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