Top 10 Mahakal Whatsapp Status For Shivratri 2025

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Mahakal Status will be shared by every one of you, in which you will get a look at Mahadev being Mahakal, which is the Rudra and wild type of Lord Shiva, and that of Kaal.

There are times when they are extraordinary occasions. Which contains just fire, outrage, the end of the world, pulverization of the devilish, triumph of religion, and truth. These assortments are for all the Shiva aficionados who do Shiva dedication, and revere Shiva as their cute worth.

In this post, we share the most popular Attitude Status that you can share with your friends on WhatsApp, Facebook, Insta, and many other social sharing platforms.

Keep enjoying reading and sharing these best Mahakal Quotes and also Apply these on your Whatsapp status and FB status.

Top 10 Mahakal Whatsapp Status For Shivratri 2025

1. Aag lage us javaanee kon zisame,
#mahaakaal naam kee divaanagee na ho!
jay shree mahaakaal

2. “What shall i do by becoming rich
My great time is crazy about the (poor)fakir ..!”

3. “People are # love for # girl… We are crazy about # Mahadev…
#Everywhere Shiva”

4. “Where the #Nawabi of people comes to an end,
Just from here, the #Divasi of the #Dewans of #Mahakal begins ..!

5. “Looked at #Mahkal’s time, I found this world,
We are very lucky # We are Mahadev Lovers # To get #Mahakal’s #Love..!”

6. The fragrance of #ganja and #bhaang is coming from somewhere Maybe the window of my #Mahakal’s court is #left open…!

7. Only you know your illusion,
We are just your lovers


8. The one who loves #money #gets shattered,
And the one who loves my #Mahakal,
#gets shined…!

9. Your devotion unites me #After a lot of effort, #I will find you in me…, #After cremating me in the crematorium!

10. After seeing the ashes of the crematorium, a thought came to my mind…
How many times does every person burn in life just to be ashes?
Har Har Mahadev🙏🙏🙏
Happy Shivratri… 🙏🙏🙏

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