Make Use of Your iPhone’s Action Button as an ChatGPT Voice Assistant

Your iPhone's Action Button as an ChatGPT Voice Assistant

OpenAI now offers all free users access to its ChatGPT Voice function for iPhone 15 Pro/Max owners to utilize the Voice ChatGPT feature instead of Siri as your primary voice assistant, thus freeing yourself of Siri’s burdensome service fees and use of Siri merely for Siri-like functions. Since its debut, Apple’s most recent devices now feature customizable Action Buttons which replace Mute buttons; you may use these Action Buttons beyond simply turning off ringers by accessing new Settings menu.

Your Action Button can serve a range of duties to meet your preferences. This could be anything from opening Magnifier app and recording voice memo, activating flashlight, accessing Camera or quickly using accessibility features like Camera access or creating shortcuts to apps you frequently use or initiating app shortcuts.

You should choose this option if you wish to set an Action Button as a ChatGPT trigger, since associating iOS Shortcuts with Action Buttons would only result in errors until Wednesday’s announcement making Voice access free for all ChatGPT customers, as it previously required purchasing ChatGPT+ subscription. No longer an issue; anyone can now utilize ChatGPT instead of Siri by setting their Action Button up so as to activate its Voice access feature via ChatGPT instead of Siri!

To do this, navigate from iOS Settings:

  • Swipe to the “Shortcut” option towards the bottom of the iOS Settings screen after lifting to the “Action Button” menu.
  • Tap to the blue “Choose a Shortcut” icon,
  • Find and tap “ChatGPT.” To link this specific action to the button,
  • Tap the “Start voice conversation”.

ChatGPT is not the only software taking advantage of the new capability on iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max; in fact, this button can also be used for everyday activities, like ordering your favorite Starbucks coffee, beginning a workout routine, sharing songs via Shazam, making phone calls to loved ones, writing new notes etc.

Apple’s native apps are also fully compatible, though if none meet your specific requirements you can create custom Shortcuts using Shortcuts app’s main screen by tapping its plus (+) symbol, choosing “New Shortcut,” assigning its name via Rename feature and tapping “Done.”

After selecting “Add Action,” a list of actions such as Media or Web will appear. Choose measures you would like included in your Shortcut by swiping up on the search bar at the bottom screen to access actions; when ready tap “Done.” Your Shortcut will then be stored under “All Shortcuts” or your My Shortcuts before being returned back into Action Button menu where it can be assigned accordingly.

But given how useful AI chatbots like Siri can be in answering common inquiries, we believe integrating ChatGPT functionality is one of the best choices available to us.

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