Things You Need To Know About Making A Safe Homemade Skin Care


If you are the type of person who prefers making homemade cosmetics, this article will be of great help. It will summarize the top procedures and things to you need to consider when creating your own line of skincare cosmetics at home.

Halo Health Care products’ goal is to endow you the best out of using natural cosmetic ingredients, to prevent wasting them and to help you accomplish the creation of safe cosmetics.


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One of the important reasons why people formulate their own homemade cosmetic products is that they want to know what coincides with beauty products. Looking into ingredients is necessary, but understanding how it is formulated and its effects on the skin may require you to dig a little deeper.

Furthermore, it is basic and default instruction to follow the usage recommendations because some may be used in wrong amounts, which leads to dermal irritation. Consistency is the key if you want to have healthier skin, not the amount you put into it.

1. Allergens

Don’t forget to check for these elements. If you have sensitive skins avoid perfumed skin care products that use synthetic fragrance oils, etc. Try making your own using natural ingredients. Though there are some that can cause allergy-like lanolin which comes from wool, the effect is minimal and understandable, unlike the artificial ones.


2. Natural Ingredients

Avoid using chemicals, artificial colors and fillers for skincare products. This can cause redness, irritation, and breakouts. Use natural ingredients instead of synthetic ones as it promotes no strange side effects. Avoid using paraben as a preservative, you can use other alternatives like grape seed extract and other forms of oils.


3. Environment-Friendly

If it is safe for the Mother Earth it is also safe for us humans. We are as vulnerable as nature. Take a good care of the environment while you take care of yourself.


4. Measure The pH Content Of The Product

Measuring the pH of a product is a basic procedure that should be taken into consideration. It can be done when creating a homemade skincare product, because such is a key for the safety of a product.

Moreover, the pH of a product will affect the characteristics of the skincare formulation. For example, knowing the pH of a product will help you know whether or not the preservative will work correctly and safely. Additionally, pH also influences the color and scents of a product as well as its look and feel.


5. Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)

Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) is a way of putting up a routine of cleaning and disinfecting the materials used, practising hygienic procedures in working space and containers, regularly washing the hands and using lab gloves.

The mentioned are only a small part of the basic guidelines that will help your product formulation to be safe and effective. It will protect the stability and safety of the final skincare formulation.

It is not enough that we care about our skin. Take note about the safety of the products that you will use. Checking the label and doing some research can help you avoid harmful products.

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