Men’s Wear 101: What watch goes well with your outfit?


When it comes to fashion, change is always constant. Given that the whole field of fashion is a business full of revivals, changes, and trends, it’s no wonder that you’ll get to see a lot of new styles every day.

No particular item or trend in fashion stays forever. There can be an item that will trend this year and will be gone next year. However, revivals and comebacks often happen in fashion.

Designers and labels will release pieces that they think is fit for the season. There are numerous things which men need to consider when looking out for trends. One of the pieces that gets a lot of attention are accessories. Without accessories, a look can’t be complete. On accessory that’s perfect for men are watches. Watches are the best accessories that can complement a strong, masculine look.

With the constant change happening in fashion, it is only acceptable that some items and designs are new and fresh. Here are some of the fashion styles and watches that go well with each other.


1. All-Out White

This trend isn’t a current trend but instead a revival of the ‘80s vibe. Wearing white from head to toe embodies true fashion from the ‘80s while walking in the streets. In toning down a bold look, men can try swapping their top layer for a light, tailored navy blazer or an indigo denim jacket. Add a smart vibe to the whole outfit by wearing brown or black leather sandals or a pair of loafers.

For This Style: Go for a watch that has a white watch face. The straps should be a resounding black, made out of leather or rubber, and thin. Models to consider: MontBlanc Heritage Spirit, Seiko Presage Automatic watch with black straps.


2. Business Class

Men’s Wear

A trend that is on its way is the business dress. However, not the normal one but instead a business suit with a slightly sinister edge. Imagine 1985 Wall Street with an extra-large shirt and patterned necktie. This trend is perfect as a workwear but with a 2017 touch. It is an anti-skinny, norm chrome version of a business wear.

For This Style: Since business casual is a trend right now, its best you opt for a watch with a strong and sharp style. The Omega Speedmaster is great for this style as it provides a professional look to your suits.


3. Padded Jackets

Comfortwear will pave its way as the style obsession for men. Some designs have the craziest and dramatic design with oversized shapes. It is wise for people to buy a new padded jacket, it is a creation that combines craftsmanship and flirting. Due to the high-tech fabrics and innovation in padding to create hybrid forms.

For This Style: If you have a brown padded jacket with leather shoes, then pairing The Fossil Townsman Chronograph Leather Strap Watch is ideal as the leather matches your whole outfit.


4. Crossbody As The New Backpack


Maybe the latest iPhone is too big to fit in men’s pockets, or maybe they are just wearing pants that don’t have any pockets. Since joggers, sweats, and track pants are on skyrocket fame for go-to outfits of men which they opt to have their “man purse.” Doesn’t matter what trend of pants is emerging but bags are a thing in fashion soon.

Crossbody bags are starting to create a roar on the internet, which few celebrities and fashion icons wear. Men can just sling it across their torso which makes it handy and useful.

For This Style: Whether you’re working out or not, this style is a cool sporty look that needs a rubber strapped smart watch. The Apple Watch Series 4 and the Samsung Galaxy Fit are perfect for outdoor exercises such as jogging and hiking. They also have trackers that can help you monitor your progress when working out.



Fashion isn’t fashion without the accessories. Watches in particular, are the best pieces that can complement a look. Men in particular should wear the best pairing matches with their outfit. Watches can bring out that manly look, whether being casual, in business attire, or working out.

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