Minecraft Mob Vote Starts【Oct-13-2023】: Who Would You Like To Win?

Minecraft Mob Vote

If you play Minecraft game and you want your favorite Minecraft Mob to win in this year’s annual community event in which Mob voting is done, then you will have to vote for your favorite Mob.

The voting this year will take place from October 13-15, 2023, and the winner will be announced at Minecraft Live on October 15.

The Minecraft Mob Vote is a great way for players to get involved in the development of the game and choose the new mob that they want to see added. It is also a fun way to learn more about the different mobs that Mojang has created.

Penguin, Sniffer & Tuff Golem: Which Mobs to Choose From This Year【2023】

1. Penguin Mobs: 

Penguin Mobs

Penguins are a mob candidate for Minecraft Live 2023. Penguins are friendly mobs that live in stony shore biomes. They are excellent swimmers and can boost the speed of a player’s boat. Penguins would have 8 health points and could be tamed with 3-6 fish. Once tamed, penguins would follow the player slowly.

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Why to Choose Penguin Mobs:

  • Amed penguins could be used to help players fish. Penguins can detect fish in the water and point them out to the player.
  • Penguins could be used to transport players across bodies of water. Penguins can swim faster than players and can carry players on their backs.
  • Penguins could be used to help players explore cold biomes. Penguins could lead players to warm shelters or food sources.

2. Sniffer Mobs: 

Sniffer Mobs
Image Credit: whatifgaming

Sniffers are ancient mobs that were once thought to be extinct. They are attracted to ancient seeds, which they can sniff out and dig up. Sniffers can be bred to produce new and unique plants.

Sniffers are a great addition to Minecraft because they add a new way to explore the world and collect new resources. They are also a fun and unique mob to breed and care for.

Why to Choose Sniffer Mobs:

  • Collect ancient seeds from sniffers to grow new and unique plants. These plants can be used for decoration, food, or potions.
  • Breed sniffers to get different colors and patterns. You can even create your own unique breeds of sniffers.
  • Use sniffers to help you explore the world. Sniffers can find ancient seeds in hidden places that you might not be able to find on your own.
  • Build a sniffer sanctuary. Sniffers are peaceful mobs, so they are perfect for adding to a peaceful build.
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3. Tuff Golem Mobs: 

Tuff Golem Mobs (1)

Tuff Golems are small, golem-like creatures that can be used to display items. They can be programmed to follow players or stand still. Tuff Golems can also be programmed to pick up items and place them in item frames.

Why to Choose Tuff Golem Mobs: 

  • Use Tuff Golems to display your favorite items in your base. You could program them to follow you around so that you can always see your prized possessions.
  • Use Tuff Golems to create a museum or art gallery in your base. You could program them to stand still and display different items in different poses.
  • Use Tuff Golems to help you automate your base. You could program them to pick up items from storage and place them in item frames.

How To Vote For Mobs In Minecraft In 2023

To vote for mobs in Minecraft in 2023, you can follow these steps:

Step -1. Go to the Minecraft website, launcher, or Bedrock Edition event server.

  • Minecraft website: To vote on the Minecraft website, you will need to have a Minecraft account. Once you are logged in, you will be able to vote for your favorite mob.
  • Minecraft launcher: To vote in the Minecraft launcher, you will need to have the launcher installed. Once you have logged in to the launcher, you will be able to vote for your favorite mob.
  • Bedrock Edition event server: To vote on the Bedrock Edition event server, you will need to have Bedrock Edition installed. Once you have joined the server, you will be able to vote for your favorite mob.

Step -2. Find the voting section.

Step -3. Select the mob that you want to vote for.

  • Players can only vote once, so choose your favorite mob wisely!

Step -4. Click or tap the “Vote” button.


If you want to add your favourite mob as a part of the game in next major update, you should vote for your favourite mob. As the mob voting ends the result will declare on 15th of oct 2023. The minecraft developing team will work on adding the winner mob in the game for next update.

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