Should You Buy Your Moissanite Engagement Ring Online?

In this age of technology and the internet, trade has changed immensely. The jewelry industry has also not been left out. There are many more people buying their jewelry from than in the past.

Therefore, we are seeing more and more possibilities for buying engagement rings online from the comfort of your home. All you need is to do your homework to get your shopping right. 

Buying engagement rings without leaving the couch comes with a lot of conveniences. However, the rules of engagement are somewhat particular than for any other good or service.

It entails more than just scrolling through a website and paying for your engagement rings. Therefore, jewelry is no ordinary good to buy anyhow from online sources. 

Buying Engagement Rings Online! 

Moissanite Engagement Ring

There is a possibility of buying engagement rings online especially if you know what you are looking for in the online jewelry store. Remember that this is a sentimental piece that attracts a significant amount of money. For that reason, it is always important to ensure that you will get what you pay for your ring. 

There is no doubt about buying quality engagement rings online. However, there are some caveats. Traditionally, it is always recommended that you visit a jewelry store and confirm the quality of your ring before buying it. However, you may not need to do that these days, especially if you have enough knowledge of the industry and its products.

Here is how to proceed with the purchase:

1. Search a Reliable Online Jewelry Store

It all begins here. Once you are set on buying a moissanite ring online, conduct a careful search of where to get it. Before you settle for any deal, ensure that you have identified a reputable jeweler. That way, you will have no basis to doubt any great offers and deals offered online.   

Check through customer reviews and feedback to identify reliable moissanite sources. This information will be vital in guiding you to pick a genuine jewelry store to work with. Ultimately, you can comfortably pick a ring knowing that you will get what you bought. 

Some of the notable things to check in your vendor include FAQs with details of the shipping process, return policy, and customer service-related questions. There should be imagery details and product descriptions for each of the rings in your consideration.  

2. Verify the Moissanite Ring Certificate 

Just like diamond rings, each moissanite ring must come with a unique lab certificate. This is what confirms the quality of your gemstone. Therefore, it serves as an assurance that you are getting a genuine product.

Most importantly, you can use it against the vendor in case of any liability concerns. Buy your ring from vendors using reliable grading systems such as the GIA and the AGS. 

3. Check the Return Policy 

Buying a moissanite ring online is risky. Therefore, you must seek to understand the return policy of your vendor in case you are not satisfied with the delivered product. Return policies address such issues as the timelines for making an exchange or a return. Further, you should also get to know whether they offer free returns or not. 

To be safe with your finances, find out whether the company offers a full refund on returning the ring or will you get credit only.  In addition, get to know the shipping costs and your responsibility in it, the warranties included, and so on.

4. Check the Overall Quality of your gem!

Lab-grown moissanite is known for its diamond-like properties. Therefore, you should examine your moissanite engagement ring closely for such quality.

Look at the cut, carat, color, and clarity of the stone you are buying. These 4Cs of gemstones determine their overall cost. Therefore, ensure that you are paying for the quality and grade of your specific moissanite. 

Important Note!

Moissanite is safe to buy online because it is lab-grown. Unlike diamond, it is conflict-free. Therefore, it will unlikely attract any lawsuit because it is ethically sourced. Therefore, you are safe buying moissanite engagement rings online. 

If you have done due diligence, then you should not have any problem buying your moissanite engagement ring online. In this age of the internet, you can buy your ring from the comfort of your home. Therefore, go ahead after identifying a reliable vendor. 


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