Top 10 Most Beautiful Places To Visit In Nepal

Beautiful Places To Visit In Nepal
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If you’re looking for some most beautiful places to visit in Nepal, you’ve come to the right place. The home of the Himalayas, Nepal is blessed with unspoiled natural beauty. Nepal is an all-natural and scenic beauty to pamper your eyes.

As opposed to other hill destinations The most stunning destinations to visit in Nepal do not have anything to do with the construction of forts and museums. Nepal is an extraordinary diversity of biodiversity, and it is also it is a vast space with many different ethnic groups, cultures, and cultures all perfectly.

For a more precise definition, Nepal is a trekker’s paradise as well as a photographer’s most desired object to shoot his camera at. Let’s get started in this blog to explore the top 10 beautiful places to visit in Nepal.

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Beautiful Places To Visit In Nepal

1. Rara Lake

As one of the most beautiful places to visit in Nepal, Rara Lake is the largest and most deep freshwater lake in Nepal. Sometimes described as “heaven on earth” for its natural beauty, the lake is averaging thickness at 100 meters (330ft) and spreads over 5.1 kilometers of land. It is one of the top destinations for trekkers who camp there in the evening on their way up to Manma Point.

2. Panch Pokhari

The base of Jugal Himal in northeast Kathmandu is Panch Pokhari, a group of five holy lakes. With mountains surrounding them on every side and smack located in the middle of green-carpeted massifs appear surreal.

The reason that this group of lakes is considered holy is due to a cherished ceremony called Janai Purnima. Each year, during the month of August Brahmins, visit these waters to observe the custom that involves changing the sacred thread that they tie around their bodies called “Janai”.

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3. Chitwan National Park

In the midst of the Himalayas, Chitwan National Park is located in the Himalayas. It is a World Heritage Site as declared by UNESCO and is considered to be one of the most stunning locations in Nepal. Chitwan National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The park is situated at the foot of the Himalayas the park is home to a variety of wild animals, including cobras, elephants and monkeys, and wild boars, among others. There are also bases of the army within the park.

4. Garden Of Dreams

A definite favorite among the tourist crowd, Garden of Dreams is an enormous expanse of beautiful greenery, vibrant colors, and crystal clear water fountains that make Garden of Dreams one of the most gorgeous spots in Nepal.

An abundance of flowers, and an array selection of cafes that serve the finest Nepali food in a cozy atmosphere. It is a must-visit if you are looking to spend a few hours in this tranquil setting.

5. Pokhara

Pokhara is the capital city for leisure in Nepal. The beauty of the landscape is captivating, and the adventure possibilities attract tourists. Pokhara is believed to be the most suitable location to go paragliding. You can observe paragliders taking an aerial flight.

There are also activities to enjoy such as paragliding, boating, trekking hiking, zip flying, or hiking. Relax in the peaceful surroundings and admire the gorgeous views of the lake, framed by mountains.

6. Phewa lake

It covers a space of four kilometers (2.5 mi), Phewa Lake is the largest of the lakes in Pokhara. The lake is bordered by numerous bars and restaurants that overlook the lake making it a popular location, particularly at night.

It is possible to walk or cycle through the water. To take in the beautiful landscape, take an excursion on a boat. The lake is situated in the middle you will find Barahi temple, which is reached via boat.

7. Nagarkot

The town is situated at a distance of 30km (20 mi) from Kathmandu, Nagarkot is a well-known tourist destination known for its breathtaking panoramic views of Mount Everest that offer its best views during sunset and sunrise.

Nagarkot is a charming town with trails through the mountains as well as flora and fauna and some stunning tourist spots you won’t wish to skip.

The village is situated within Nagarkot in the Bhaktapur district of the state, Nagarkot houses several hotels in close proximity to tourist spots such as Changu Narayan Kailashnath Mahadev Statue, Sankhu Bajrayogini Temple and Buddha Peace Park.

8. Everest Base Camp

Beautiful is a quaint term to describe the place since it is an area where nature has been blessed with stunning gifts. The trek towards the Everest base camp isn’t difficult if you take it cautiously and with a steady pace. It’s all about perseverance!

The trek starts in Lukla at 3000m and climbs to 5,364 meters before reaching the camp base. There are two base camps, one of which is the North base camp which is located at 5,150 meters within Tibet and the other one is the South base camp which is 5,364 meters located in Nepal.

9. Langtang Region

Langtang is located 30 kilometers from Kathmandu toward its Tibetan border. If you’re short on time but are looking to try hiking through Nepal, Langtang is where you must explore.

The trail to Langtang is enjoyable with stunning views of mountains, lakes, and even flowers. It is home to more than 70 glaciers and several high-altitude lakes. Its trek was destroyed by the Nepal earthquake but is now accessible for treks and tourism.


In Pokhara, Poon Hill is situated at an elevation of 3210m within Pokhara’s Myagdi district. In addition to the stunning views of the Himalayas, you can also catch an insight into the local culture when you hike to Poon Hill.

It is situated within the Annapurna mountain range in Nepal. It is a great spot to visit during the summer months when you can hike through the valleys at chilly temperatures to enjoy a stunning Himalayan panorama.

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