Top 10 Most Grammy Award Winners Of All Time 2022

Most Grammy Award Winners Of All Time 2022
Written by James Smith

Most Grammy Award Winners Of All Time 2022: In the course of the history of the Grammy Awards, many significant records have been established. The recognition of a single Grammy victory can propel an artist’s career to a new level, however, there are those who have accumulated a number of Grammy wins.

Grammy Awards are annually awarded by the members of the United States National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (NARAS) to recognize excellence in the field of recording sciences and arts.

They are similar to other prestigious awards given annually that are part of the American entertainment industry, including the Academy Awards – OSCARS (for motion-picture films) as well as for motion pictures), the Emmy Awards (for television), and the Tony Awards (for stage performance).

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Here are the most Grammy award winners of all time:

RankNameNo. of Grammys
1.Georg Solti31
3.Quincy Jones28
4.Alison Krauss27
5.Chick Corea27
6.Pierre Boulez26
7.Stevie Wonder25
8.Vladimir Horowitz25
9.John Williams25

Most Grammy Award Winners Of All Time 2022

1. Georg Solti (31 Awards)

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Sir George Solti, a Hungarian-born British conductor for orchestras and operas is the one who holds the record for the most Grammy wins, winning a total of 31 awards that he won throughout his career. Solti, who served as music director at Chicago Symphony Orchestra.

Chicago Symphony Orchestra was best recognized for his performances with the opera companies of Munich, Frankfurt, and London. The Opera conductor was said to have recorded more than 250 recordings, including 45 complete sets of opera in his lifetime, and has more than 74 Grammy nominations.

2. Beyonce (28 Awards)

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The 40-year-old American artist, Beyonce with 28 Grammy awards to her name is the second spot in the top 10 grammy award winners of all time.

Beyonce is the most famous female artist to win the award, took home her first Grammy award when she was a member of Destiny’s Child, and since her time, she has received 26 awards, including five along with her husband Jay-Z.

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3. Quincy Jones (28 Awards)

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Alongside being the person to have many Grammys, Jones has won Grammys for six consecutive years — a feat that he shares with another listed on the list.

Jones was awarded his very first Grammy during the awards ceremony in 1963 for orchestrating the Count Basie version of the Ray Charles classic “I Can’t Stop Loving You” and his most recent award came in the year 2000 for the music documentary Quincy.

Jones was the star of the show in Grammys during the awards ceremony in 1990, where Jones won six awards including the best album “Back on the Block”.

4. Alison Krauss (27 Awards)

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Alison Krauss, the American bluegrass country singer, makes the list thanks to the most wins with 27 out of 42 nominated. Her career in music began at the age of 10and recording her first single at 14 years old and has since recorded 14 studio albums and also made an appearance on several tracks.

Krauss who is known as the queen of Bluegrass is widely believed to have been spared from a renewed fascination with bluegrass across America. United States. She was awarded her debut Grammy in 1991 and has since then been awarded 26 Grammys.

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5. Chick-Corea (27 Awards)

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It is the Late American Jazz Composer, Chick Corea, who joins the list of winners with 27 from 70 nominations. His professional career in recording and touring was in the mid-2000s. He released the album he released, Tones for Joan’s Bones in the year 1966.

He was awarded his first Grammy on the night of his debut album “Return Forever” an American jazz fusion group for the top Best Jazz Performance By A Group. The group has since been awarded 26 more awards across various categories like Best instrumental arrangement, performance, and more.

6. Pierre Boulez (26 Awards)

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Pierre Boulez, A french conductor, composer, and composer who was one of the prominent figures in Post-war Western classical music, is in sixth place in the Top 10 grammy award winners in history.

His professional career began in the latter half of 1940 as the music director of the Renaud-Barrault theatre company in Paris and was a renowned person as well as one of the more renowned conductors of his time.

In his career which lasted over sixty years, he served as music director for numerous orchestras including the New York Philharmonic, the Ensemble intercontemporain and the BBC Symphony Orchestra the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, and the Cleveland Orchestra.

Pierre with 26 wins and 67 nominations is regarded as one of the top Grammy winners of the ’90s.

7. Stevie Wonder (25 Awards)

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Wonder has been the sole artist in Grammy history to have won best album in three consecutive studio albums. He was awarded five Grammys in all three years (1973 1974, 1973, and 1976). Wonder 70 won the first of his Grammys during the awards ceremony in 1973.

His most recent one was at the 2006 awards ceremony, where Wonder along with Tony Bennett shared the prize for the most successful pop collaboration. They performed the vocals of “For One Time In My Life” the song they each recorded in the 60s.

8. Vladimir Horowitz (25 Awards)

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The Russian-American composer and pianist, Vladimir Horowitz with 45 nominations and 25 wins, has taken the 8th spot among the 10 most coveted Grammy winners ever.

He started his career as a piano player in Russia and was typically paid in butter, bread, and chocolate, rather than cash because of the financial hardship that was caused by the Civil War. However, he immigrated to America in 1928.

United States in 1928, in which he forged a professional career in the field of composition as well as musician, where he was awarded many awards including the 25 grammy awards, as previously mentioned, and is frequently regarded as one the most outstanding pianist ever.

9. John Williams (25 Awards)

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The legendary film composer John Williams with 72 nominations and 25 wins is among the top 10 winners of the grammy awards in history. The American composer was a household name in the field of composition for scores that are among the most loved known, well-known, and critically acclaimed film scores from cinematic history.

He also composed many concertos of classical music and other compositions for orchestras, and solo instruments. In addition to being the recipient of the 25 Grammy Awards William has received seven British Academy Film Awards, 5 Oscar Awards, and 4 Golden Globe Awards.

10. Jay Z (24 Awards)

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The legendary American rapper and Entrepreneur is the finalist on the list, having won 24 times and received 83 nominations which makes him the most popular nominee ever in history.

Shawn is considered to be an influential hip-hop performer in the history of hip-hop, he won his first Grammy award in 1998, for his best album of rap.

However, he won another 22 awards over the course of his 25-year career including five awards together with Beyonce, and his spouse Beyonce -the hit songs “Crazy In Love” and “Drunk in Love” as well as their album “Everything Is Love.”

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