6 Most Popular Programming Languages For Android Development In 2023

Popular Programming Languages For Android Development

You should learn a programming language appropriate for the Android platform if you are interested in creating apps for this platform. Because Android is one of the most widely used mobile operating systems worldwide, so Android developers are highly needed.

The 6 popular programming languages for Android development in 2023 will be covered in this article. We will examine each language’s advantages and explain their suitability for Android development.

List Of 6 Programming Languages For Android Development

LanguageDeveloperYearNumber of developersCommunity nameWidely used companies
KotlinJetBrains20111+ millionKotlinlangGoogle, JetBrains, Pinterest, Coursera
JavaJames Gosling199514+ millionOracleAmazon, eBay, Spotify, Google
C/C++Bjarne Stroustrup197920+ millionC++ Users GroupAdobe, Autodesk, Cisco, Oracle
PythonGuido van Rossum199111+ millionPython Software FoundationSpotify, Dropbox, Reddit, Quora
JavaScriptBrendan Eich199510+ millionECMAScriptGoogle, Facebook, Netflix, Amazon
GoRobert Griesemer, Rob Pike, Ken Thompson20072+ millionGolangGoogle, Netflix, Uber, Docker

1. Kotlin


JetBrains created the statically typed general-purpose programming language known as Kotlin. It is a well-liked option for developing Android since it is succinct, expressive, and compatible with Java.

  • Famous Frameworks: Android Jetpack, Ktor
  • Average Salary: $80,000
  • Famous Companies Using It: Google, JetBrains, Pinterest, Coursera
  • Kotlin Documentation:
  • Kotlin Website:
  • Stack Overflow Ranking: 10

2. Java


One of the most widely used programming languages in the world is Java, a general-purpose language. Because it is widely used and backed by a sizable developer community, it is a great choice for Android development.

  • Famous Frameworks: Android Studio, Spring Boot
  • Average Salary: $85,086
  • Famous Companies Using It: Amazon, eBay, Spotify, Google
  • Java Documentation:
  • Java Website:
  • Stack Overflow Ranking: 3

3. C/C++


A popular programming language for creating high-performance applications is C++. It is robust and effective. Although it is not as well-known for Android programming as Java or Kotlin, it can still be a decent option for some projects.

  • Famous Frameworks: Android NDK, Qt
  • Average Salary: $90,000
  • Famous Companies Using It: Samsung, NVIDIA, Valve
  • C++ Documentation:
  • C++ Website:
  • Stack Overflow Ranking: 12

4. Python


A general-purpose programming language with a reputation for readability and simplicity, Python. It is a good choice for Android development because it is easy to learn and there are a number of popular libraries available for Python.

  • Famous Frameworks: Kivy, Django
  • Average Salary: $107,532
  • Famous Companies Using It: Spotify, Dropbox, Reddit, Quora
  • Python Documentation:
  • Python Website:
  • Stack Overflow Ranking: 2

5. JavaScript


The scripting language JavaScript is frequently used to give websites more interaction. Because it can be used to create hybrid applications that work on both Android and iOS devices, it is also a viable option for Android development.

  • Famous Frameworks: React, Angular, Vue.js
  • Average Salary: $109,092
  • Famous Companies Using It: Google, Facebook, Netflix, Amazon
  • JavaScript Documentation:
  • JavaScript Website:
  • Stack Overflow Ranking: 1

6. Go


Go has a straightforward syntax and is a straightforward language. In 2007, Robert Griesemer, Rob Pike, and Ken Thompson this language. It is a general-purpose language designed to be effective and user-friendly. Online applications, cloud infrastructure, and distributed systems are typically developed in Go.

  • Famous Frameworks: Gin, Echo, Beego
  • Average Salary: $110,000
  • Famous Companies Using It: Google, Netflix, Uber, Docker
  • Go Documentation:
  • Go Website:
  • Stack Overflow Ranking: 8


Q.1 Which programming language is the simplest for developing Android apps?

In brief, Kotlin may be used as an “entry point” for developing Android apps and is considerably easier for beginners to learn than Java.

Q.2 What programming language will be used in Android in the future?

The open-source programming language Kotlin is becoming more and more well-liked among Android developers all around the world, particularly in LATAM. Kotlin is, in fact, quickly establishing itself as the preferred language for creating Android apps in LATAM.

Q.3 Android development versus web development—which is easier?

Android is more challenging for many beginning software developers to master than front-end web development, but it’s also much more rewarding. Once Android developers understand the distinctive features of creating apps for the Android platform (such as utilizing the Android SDK), it gets considerably simpler.

Q.4 What kind of language is Android?

Java is the preferred language for Android development. Java is used extensively throughout Android, and its APIs are intended to be called largely from Java.

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