MultiDyne Updated Nanobrix Video Transport Series

MultiDyne Updated Nanobrix Video Transport Series

Are you someone who works with video production or broadcasting devices?

If so, you may need to check out the modern-day updates to MultiDyne’s NanoBrix Video Series. MultiDyne is a business company that makes high-tech video equipment, and they’re revealing a new and advanced model in their NanoBrix system at the big NAB show in 2024.

What is the NanoBrix Series?

NanoBrix Series

The NanoBrix Series is a line of compact video devices that can convert, distribute, and manage extraordinary varieties of video signals. These little boxes can deal with all kinds of video codecs like 12G, 3G, HD, and SD-SDI.

The series includes gear like fiber-optic transmitters and receivers, gadgets that combine or split video indicators, distribution amplifiers to reinforce the signal, and audio embedders/de-embedders to feature or eliminate audio from the video.

What’s New with the Updated NanoBrix?

The updated NanoBrix system has a tougher, more rugged enclosure or outer shell. This means the devices can better withstand bumps, drops, and harsh environments. Another cool new feature is that you can fit and connect multiple NanoBrix devices together inside a single chassis or box. This makes it easier to manage and transport the gear.

MultiDyne plans to keep expanding the NanoBrix lineup over time by adding new types of devices. The first new addition they’re unveiling at NAB 2024 is a 12G to HDMI converter called the NB2-12G-HDMI. This converter lets you monitor 5.1 surround sound audio streams and convert multichannel audio down to regular stereo sound.

All the updated NanoBrix products now have convenient features like the ability to get power over USB or USB-C cables, accessory cabling included, and magnetic mounting options to easily attach the devices wherever needed.

What Did MultiDyne’s VP Say?

Jesse Foster, who’s the VP of Products and Western Sales at MultiDyne, highlighted the importance of expanding their 12G product offerings. He referred to that 12G technology enables the transmission of uncompressed 4K ultra-high-definition video alerts over a single cable connection, which is becoming increasingly more essential as 4K video grows extra famous.

New HoneyBadger Fiber Transport Platform

In addition to the NanoBrix updates, MultiDyne is introducing the HoneyBadger, a brand-new fiber transport platform designed for heavy-duty use. Unlike the NanoBrix Series’ focus on portability and a variety of signal conversions, the HoneyBadger is built for transmitting video signals over long distances, especially in challenging outdoor environments.

This rugged system boasts a high number of input/output connections, allowing for flexible configuration. The HoneyBadger’s key strength lies in its ability to extend two separate local area networks (LANs) over single-mode fiber strands. Imagine a LAN as a digital highway that connects devices on your network.

With the HoneyBadger, you can use the same fiber optic cables that carry your video signal to also transmit data and even Ethernet communication between devices on your network. This is particularly valuable for broadcast facilities with separate networks for video and data, or for field setups where long-distance communication is crucial.

While the NanoBrix series excels in portable video conversion and distribution, the HoneyBadger caters to applications requiring a powerful and reliable solution for transmitting video signals over fiber optic cables in demanding environments.

Where Can You See These Products?

If you need to test out MultiDyne’s up-to-date NanoBrix Video Transport Series and the new HoneyBadger system in person, make sure to go to their booth (C7107) inside the Central Hall at the 2024 NAB Show in Las Vegas. The NAB Show is a large annual occasion where broadcasters and video experts can see the trendy tools from pinnacle producers like MultiDyne.

With their rugged designs, compact sizes, and versatile signal conversion capabilities, the updated NanoBrix series and HoneyBadger platform aim to provide video professionals with flexible, reliable solutions for transporting video signals in any environment. Whether you’re working in a studio, live event, or out in the field, this new gear from MultiDyne could help streamline your video workflows.

The HoneyBadger offers a lot of connection points (high I/O density) in a compact space (5RU). This means you can connect many devices using the HoneyBadger without needing a ton of extra equipment. It also allows you to extend two separate local area networks (LAN) over long distances using fiber optic cables.

Think of a LAN like a digital highway that connects devices together. With the HoneyBadger, you can use the same fiber optic cables that carry your video signal to also carry information between devices on your network.

MultiDyne may be in Booth C7107 within the Central hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center at some stage in the 2024 NAB Show, April 14-17.

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