Muslim Families Are Converting into Hindus

Muslim Families Are Converting into Hindus

Haryana Hisar district: According to the report of TOI, more than 250 members of near about 40+ Muslim families in Haryana, Hisar districts- Bidhmira village Embraced Hinduism on 8-5- 2020 (Friday).

And much more thing is that 80+ old lady last rites performed according to Hindu customs.

Haryana’s Jind distric: This thing not only Happened on The with Meera village but also near about 40 members of six families of the Danoda Kalan village also embraced Hinduism last Friday. Read More…


The question is why this family is converting into Hindus? Is there any political pressure? Or do they want to change their religion?

There are exactly no details why they did this. Some people think that the move comes as of violence against Muslims has increased the state in the last few weeks during the lockdown period.

Satvir – “A new converted Muslim Satvir claimed that he has heard of his Hindu ancestors embracing Muslim under pressure during theTime of Mughal ruler Aurangzeb.”


One thing is that in 2015, 100 Dalit families of same Hisar village convert to Islam –

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