Netflix Secret Codes That Will Uncover Hidden Content

Netflix Secret Codes
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Netflix is arguably the best online streaming platform for movies, series and shows. Established on 29th August, 1997 Scotts Valley, California, USA. Since it’s inception till date it can boost of approximately 221.64 million subscribers worldwide, this goes along way to show that it is a trusted brand.

Netflix also has its own production company called Netflix originals. Netflix has made it possible for millions of paid subscribers to stream both old and new movies from anywhere they are. Be it at their office, business center, or individual homes. This has helped in curbing the inconveniences associated with going to the cinema, due to our tight daily and work schedule.

Like I mentioned earlier Netflix allows you to stream both old and new movies. So even if you are a fan of old classic movies like The Godfather, Coming to America, Troy, Terminator, Hard target, Pirates of the Caribbean, and the list goes on. Believe me Netflix got you covered. Also if you are of the younger persuasion that loves new, current, and trending movies series and shows, the are all available on Netflix.

Netflix has very rich content and library with so much genre that it now becomes a bit difficult and frustrating to actually find the genre in which the movie you want to watch or stream is located in. Imagine you want to stream the movie Da 5 blood, and you didn’t know it is under the genre of action and adventure. You will end being not only frustrated, but also agitated that you couldn’t find your favorite movie on Netflix.

So to solve this issue Netflix introduced secret codes that could help you navigate it’s extensive and rich library. This way you won’t spend much time locating that movie you want to watch, it makes the whole streaming process easy.

All you have to do is know these Netflix secret codes and just like that you are in for a drilling movie time with your friends, colleagues and even your significant other, and that’s how you “Netflix and chill”.

Unfortunately, most Netflix subscriber are not aware of these secret codes, so we would be mentioning few of them in this article. In addition to that, it is also a well know fact that every country has its own Netflix library and most times it is actually difficult accessing the contents in your country’s Netflix library.

If you are having such issues, you can use veepn as a tool to figure out how to unblock Netflix library of your country or region. With that being said lets now dive into the various secret Netflix codes.

They include the following:


This is Netflix secret code for all your actions and adventure movies. So instead of going through the stress of surfing and browsing Netflix home page to find that action movie, you could instead type the code with the appropriate URL in your web browser and it will lead you directly to the genre that has the movies you want to watch.

For example, you want to watch the movie Old guard and it is domiciled in the action and adventure genre. All you have to is type in this URL www.netflix.com/browse/genre/code the code required here is 1365.


2. COMEDY CODE 6548:

The secret Netflix code for comedy is simply 6548, so instead of going through the stressful process of meticulously searching the very extensive Netflix library.

You could just type in the code with the aforementioned URL on your web browser and it will lead you directly to this genre called comedy. This genre subsequently has an array of sub genre,

So, here are few of them and their codes also:

[wptb id=14946]

For romantic comedies the code is 5475, classic comedies the code is 31694, action comedies the code is 43040, anime comedies 9302, screwball comedies the code is 9702, satires the code is 4922,



Animation movies and series are mostly children’s favorites, though some youthful adults also find them to be interesting and entertaining to watch.

So if you are a lover of animation or you have kids and young ones who love them. The secret code for animation on Netflix is 4698.

[wptb id=14951]

Like other genre, it also has sub genre and some of them includes anime and anime inspired the code is 2233975, kid animation the code is 81331102, adult animation the code is 11881, imaginative animation the code is 33226.

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