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New And Exciting Ideas For Those Interested In Starting A Green Business

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Today you can start a business, make money, and protect the planet all at the same time. It is really very easy, almost as easy as claiming your online casino Australian no deposit bonus. Sustainable businesses or green businesses are looking to limit their impact on the global or local environment.

As global warming continues more people are looking for those companies that are more environmentally responsible. To be recognized as a green company today is somewhat of a status symbol. It will likely attract more customers, bring expenses down and boost employee moral. Outlined below are 19 different ventures that offer the entrepreneur this possibility.

1. Ink Refill Business


Getting involved in an ink-refill business could prove to be really profitable. It is also great for the environment. True, huge amounts of paper are wasted every year but paper is still necessary and continues to be needed. New ink cartridges are not really needed. By refilling old ink cartridges you are really helping the environment. Ink cartridges are non-biodegradable waste and are just adding to the never- ending piles in landfills.


2. Green Publications

If writing is something you are good at, maybe consider creating a journal or some other kind of publication about the environment. Knowledge is vital and sharing the truth about things shaping our world can really have an impact and give consumers the information they need to make more responsible choices.


3. Finance For Eco-friendly Projects

Finance for eco-friendly projects

The emphasis here is on supporting community projects which focus on sustainable and ecologically friendly agriculture. It also focuses on giving help to projects involved in local ecology, educational endeavors and artistic ventures. The idea of Green finance is more to do with social profitability rather than the usual conventional form of financial companies.

Making a profit is still important to green finance but the main aim of these companies is to support projects that produce benefits for the community and for the environment. Green financial companies can fill an important role in promoting projects that without their support would not exist.


4. Sustainable Retailing

Many retailers and E-commerce are offering consumer rewards programs. For instance, EcoPlum, an online boutique that makes it worthwhile and rewarding to go green. Each time a person buys something they earn EcoChipz which can be exchanged for rewards or into a donation to different environmental projects. Every item sold has some kind of eco-label or green certification.

EcoPlum not only sells sustainable products but also produces educational material written by experts, it has listings of green businesses, lots of different kinds of environmentally friendly tips, information concerning recycling and names of the latest interesting books and videos. It is worth searching out partners, with whom you can begin a business, who share your values and those of your potential customers.


5. Eco-friendly Construction Materials


Today there are companies that offer recycled materials that can be used for all kinds of projects like infrastructure repair. There are companies that work with only eco-friendly materials.

Axion, is American and is an example of this type of company. Instead of using steel and concrete railroad ties and pilings they use recycled plastic from consumer and industrial uses. Axion is working on big projects and is partnering with Long Island Railroad to improve and encourage sustainability in the region.


6. Organic Catering Business


If you are interested in food and the environment a great way to combine the two is in the food industry. Starting an organic catering business can be exciting and rewarding. You can cater local events, private functions or business lunches for local companies.

Using organically and locally grown produce like gluten free, free-range meats and paleo meal options as well as vegan, you will attract the ever- growing health conscious enthusiasts. This is very much a growing market. You should obviously avoid using any plastic goods and try composting food waste whenever possible. This will also add to the company’s appeal and make your company the one to choose.


7. Environmentally Friendly Beauty Salon

If beautification is something that excites you, why not start a beauty salon using only natural products. More and more people are looking to use products that are mother nature approved. Organic and vegan hair and other cosmetic products are becoming more popular and available today.

You could start a nail and manicure business using eco-friendly and vegan polishes or you could choose to open your hair salon using only products made from natural ingredients, shampoos and conditioners and perhaps off natural ingredient spa treatments.


8. Eco-friendly landscaping and gardening


People love their gardens but not many people have the time and energy or the know how to put into beautifying their spaces. Knowing what is helpful for the environment when maintaining a garden is also something not many people know about.

Starting up an eco-friendly garden business where you can offer people advice about things like synthetic turf, plants that need little water and how and where to place trees to protect the lawn that will at the same time help with water conservation as well as energy and money.

A business of this nature will help many people interested in maintaining a beautiful but environmentally friendly garden.


9. Sustainable Event Planning Business

Whenever an event takes place, large or small, a huge amount of waste is usually created, not to mention these events consume valuable resources. A company that will help in the event planning by finding an eco-friendly location, materials and amenities will be highly sought after by the environmentally conscious client.

Companies that provide this service are not only good for the environment. As stated in the United Nations Environment Program’s Sustainable Event Guide, there are also monetary advantages. It also raises the awareness of these environmental issues in the community and at the same time creates a very positive image for the companies involved.


10. Green Housekeeping Services

Today in most homes everyone is working outside of the home during the day and getting the house clean becomes a chore that never gets done. Starting up a green housekeeping business could prove to be very profitable.

You can offer a variety of services from light dusting to more serious cleaning tasks in the kitchen and bathroom using only eco-friendly products and only those that are officially improved. This will appeal to many families who are interested in using only these kinds of products because of allergies and other environmental concerns.

You can create a flat fee for the job or work on an hourly basis. People are wary about giving strangers access to their homes so a good reputation is by far the most important factor in the equation. Building trust with your clients is vital. If you have a good and trustworthy reputation, your name will be passed on for sure. You will be able to build a solid client base.


11. Starting Secondhand Store

Starting secondhand store

New items are expensive and not everyone has the money to spend on new things. People are interested in recycling today and even some of the big brands are beginning to recycle some of their products in an effort to be more sustainable.

Opening a secondhand store can earn you a living, help the environment and save your customers a lot of money. People can be encouraged to donate items they no longer want instead of throwing them in the garbage. Someone else will love to acquire them. You can sell all kinds of things like books, shoes, clothes, household items and even furniture.


12. Bicycle Repair business

More people are using bicycles to get around today. People are conscious of the health benefits and also the benefits to the environment of riding a bike. However, like anything else they need maintenance.

This is a nice business to go into as you can also do it from home, especially if you have some garage space. You could not only do maintenance or tune ups but could buy old bikes and fix them up, paint them and resell them. Good to make a profit and good for the environment.


13. All-natural Handmade Products

There are a variety of things that can be made using all-natural materials and ingredients.

Soaps are a favorite and cleaning products and cosmetics are now also in demand. Anyone can make these items in their own home but most people don’t have the time.

You can do some research and find a few recipes for favored products and then package them. You can set yourself up a stall at a local market or sell at local events or you can create an online store. There are many possibilities.


14. Refurbish Old Furniture

Refurbish old furniture

If you are the creative type you can do a lot with old furniture. You would need access to some power tools in order to take apart old chairs and tables and other pieces of furniture in order to restore them. But once reassembled and polished or painted you can resell them.

You can make shelves from old pieces of wood scraps that can be made into beautiful pieces that people would be happy to purchase. You can sometimes lay your hands on a unique piece of old furniture and return it to its full glory. Restoring old furniture saves money but also benefits the environment.

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