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NLE Choppa Ethnicity

I understand that you’re curious about NLE Choppa’s ethnicity. You’ve already looked on various websites, but you still want to know more about him. So without any delay you can read our complete biography on NLE Choppa.

Who is NLE Choppa?  

NLE Choppa
Real NameBryson LaShun Potts
Nick NameNLE Choppa
Date of birth1 November 2002 
Age22 years old
Height185 cm
Weight75 kg (165 lbs)
Birth PlaceMemphis, Tennessee, United States
ProfessionAmerican rapper 

NLE Choppa, the young rapper breaking genre barriers and making waves across the music scene. NLE Choppa has established himself in the hip-hop scene since turning 18, breaking free of traditional forms to craft his own sound that stands apart. Through viral hit singles and his debut album release.

He has already established himself as an influential force. NLE Choppa stands out not just through his music; rather it’s how his life stands out as well. Not only can his fans relate to it worldwide; his dedication and professionalism set him apart as an artist as well.

NLE Choppa has become well-known for his conscious lyrics that promote self-empowerment and resilience through music, showing his audience how rap can serve as an instrument for personal transformation and change.

He has fast established himself as one of the most exciting and talented young artists of his generation, boasting both infectious energy and undeniable talent. Keep an eye out as this rising star pushes rap boundaries forward by breaking records along the way!

Unveiling the Truth: NLE Choppa’s Ethnic Roots Revealed

When we look into NLE Choppa’s family history, we discover a cool blend of different cultures and influences that have shaped who he is. Some might assume he’s only African-American; but when we delve further into his family background we discover he consists of African, Native American, European, and Middle Eastern heritages.

This mix adds a lot of interesting layers and meaning to his music and how people from different places connect with it.

NLE Choppa Age:

NLE was born on 01 November 2002. Currently, he’s 20 years old, as of 2022.

NLE Choppa Family:

Choppa Potts was raised in Memphis’ Parkway Village neighborhood since being born November 1st 2002 to an African American father and Jamaican mother.

NLE Choppa Girlfriend:

In his romantic life, Choppa is currently dating Marissa Da’Nae of Memphis rapper NLE and they posted adorable Instagram posts together as the couple revealed the sad news that their unborn child died as the result of miscarriage on March 5, 2022.

Rapper and singer Choppa was romantically involved with Mariah for more than two years before parting ways after Mariah became pregnant with Choppa’s child – although NLE expressed interest in having one instead; NLE expressed this wish with Choppa on seeing it, who then fulfilled it on June 20, 2020 by welcoming Clover Brylie Potts into this world!

NLE Choppa on Social Media:                 

Instagram Account
Instagram Followers4.9 M + followers
Twitter Account
Followers1.3 M + followers
Facebook Account
Followers1.8 M + followers
YouTube Account
Subscribers5.29 M + subscribers

NLE Choppa Holds Net Worth 2024

At just 22 years old he amassed an estimated net worth of $300,000. As his talent progressed he continued making more and more money every day.

His primary source of income comes from music performance and sponsorship deals.

However, no information regarding his brand endorsements and sponsorships are currently available.

His EarlyLife and Childhood:

NLE Choppa was born November 1st 2002 in Memphis Tennessee USA as Bryson Lashun Potts. He hails from America and follows Christianity. Additionally, his age is 22 and his sun sign is Scorpio.

Baby Mexico (Janelle Potts), was named for him and born to both Jamaican mother and African-American father parents. Angela Ellis Potts was his primary advisor during the early days of his career. They remain close.

As an Ashford Village native and Cordova High School alumni, he attended Shelby County Schools while living in Memphis. Growing up he enjoyed basketball but could never dedicate enough time and focus on it due to getting himself into trouble often enough.

His Debut Song: No Love Anthem

No Love Anthem

At 14, he began rapping with his friends. Two months after turning 15, he released his debut song under his stage name of YNR Choppa and released “No Love Anthem”.

Choppa made his internet debut with an appearance in No Chorus Pt 3, receiving widespread acclaim on social media with its opening verse and dancing moves attracting many new followers to his followership.


Potts has admitted his struggle with depression is evident in his music; often rapping about mental health issues associated with being an entertainer at such an early stage, meditation has helped him cope better with both.

NLE Choppa was banned from Instagram, an action which according to him “grounded” him. For an unknown period of time he served time at a juvenile detention facility.

He never explained his arrest or revealed any details, yet said his time in detention inspired him to make changes in his life.

He explained in one episode of his YouTube series The Rise of NLE Choppa that detention had helped him immensely and served as an “eye-opener”.

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