15+ Non Veg Jokes That Will MAke You Laugh

Non Veg Jokes
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Today we are too stressed, and we are getting bored by watching movies , Cooking and many other home activities. To get rid of this today we get some fresh and new lock down special non-veg jokes in Hindi for you, which will make you laugh. By reading these non-veg jokes you may remember your old days.

Your college period where you can comment then with jokes to your friends, colleagues. So enjoy reading these non-veg adult jokes. Which will relive your college period when you can comment these jokes to your friends, colleagues, etc…

So enjoy reading these non-veg adult jokes And forward them to your college friends, your neighbours.


1. A man calls and speaks at the merge bureau.
I do not have both hands and both feet. Can i get married
Lady Operator: Yes. But your ‘that’ is there?
Man: Ha, dialed the number from the same.


2. Pinky touched the belly of a pregnant woman and said what is this aunt ????
Auntie Boli This is my sweet baby I love it very much ……………… .. Pinkie said with surprise that you love it so much, why did you eat it!

3. Most famous complaint made during school time
Madam is shaking,
does not allow writing.

4. Are you in favor of kissing the boy girl …………….?
Not a girl…? Why???
Why boy…? 😜
Girl reply – “very old that a woman should not face!”

5. In School Mam, ask few questions to students…
Students: Yes madam,
Madam: which paan is that who is not eatable?
Pappu: pappu is laughing full loudly.
Madam: What happen pappu? Why are you laughing?

Pappu: Ohh!!! madam, What you are asking for….breastfeeding ’.
Madam: Ediot, Stupid, Donkey!!!
Right Answer is Japan.

6. Take care everyone, switch off the lights and go to the balcony and not to the bedroom .. And Modi ji has asked to light the lamp in the house and not to bring the lamp in the house!

7. My neighbors went out to take semolina,
came back with swelling!

8. The day is not far when people will say that this little one was born in the affair of Corona!

9. Boy: Grandpa, what are you studying .. ???
Grandpa: Son History.
Boy: Grandpa, why are you lying …
This looks like a sex book.
Grandfather: Abe BossDK, for me, there is history now.

10. A boy said to the girl, I am ready to sacrifice everything except my life for you ……… ?? Why don’t you know ……. the girl said …?
The boy said – My love is you!


11. Modee jee ne garbhavatee mahilaon ko 6000 kee sahaayata dene ka ailaan kiya hai
idhar gaanv mein….
salee- jeeja jee hamane joote chhipa diye hain
jeeja- joote vaapas to de do ab
salee- nahin main to do hajaar loongee
jeeja ka dost- do hajaar ka kya karogee,
bolo to sarakaar se 6000 dilava doon.

12. Boyfriend to your girlfriend: What are you impressed with me? My money, living or something?
Girlfriend: The way you have sex, because no one in the entire locality has sex like you.

13. If you have a normal cold or cough, stay away from news channels and social media to stay alive otherwise …
Death can occur due to bursting of a cart.
~ Continued in public interest

14. I want to change this world but …
Being engaged in pussy jugaad does not give you time!

15. Girlfriend – Now we are very much maligned,
Now we should get married.
Boyfriend – but tell this so much infamy
Who will marry us later?

16. The policeman was watching a couple sitting in the park.
Police- Why is it going to be brother night, why are you sitting in the park like this?
Boy- we are both married
Policeman – so why not go home, go and sit at home – what do we have to do?
Boy- you don’t believe her husband here
And how will my wife believe
Policeman unconscious…

17. A drunk was abusing the street.
Mother will give me Chod… I will give sister Chod.
A man came and said, “Get up, stand up pussy.”
Alcoholic: Hut Bahnchod … Latte lathe chodunga.

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