Number Of Confirmed Coronavirus Cases Globally


In excess of 1,013,000 individuals have been determined to have the infection comprehensively, as the loss of life from COVID-19 outperformed 53,000, as per the information from Johns Hopkins University right off the bat Friday.

In excess of 210,000 individuals have recouped from the infection, remembering 9,000 for the US

1. Coronavirus Patients Who’ve Recovered Must Keep Social Distancing

British health minister Matt Hancock said he believes that those who have recovered should continue practicing social distancing rules, as more research is needed to understand how immunity works with this particular strain of coronavirus.

Hancock and Prime Minister Boris Johnson both tested positive for the virus last month.

“The advice is it’s highly likely that I’m now immune or have a very high level of immunity, but it’s not certain,” Hancock told BBC Radio on Friday. “And so I — like everybody else who’s been through it — am social distancing.”

Hancock said the issue of immunity — and therefore the antibody test — will become increasingly important as the UK government looks to wind back the restrictions it has put in place to curb the pandemic.

Source: CNN


2. Donald Trump Tests Negative Again


President Donald Trump has tested negative for the coronavirus for the second time. Speaking Thursday at the daily White House briefing, Trump said he took the test earlier in the day and the results came back within 15 minutes.

A previous, more-invasive test was administered three weeks ago after a Brazilian official was found to be positive after coming into contact with Trump in Florida. Trump said this test was done “out of curiosity” and he went back to work after being administered the point-of-care test that uses molecular technology.

“I’ve done them both and the second one is a lot more pleasant, I can tell you that,” he said.



3. Australia: True Infections Could Be As High As 10 Million

Upwards of 10 million individuals all inclusive may have been tainted by the new coronavirus, Australia’s main clinical official stated, with the under-revealing because of an absence of testing for the exceptionally infectious respiratory illness, in certain nations.

“Overall we have passed one million diseases. Be that as it may, we accept the genuine number is five or 10 fold the amount,” Brendan Murphy told journalists.

Murphy said the death rates change such a great amount far and wide that he accepts numerous diseases are going undetected.

The World Health Organization has approached nations to altogether expand testing for the coronavirus, while a few pundits have additionally featured contrasts in how a few nations tally coronvirus cases.


4. 27,000 People Under Self-Quarantine In South Korea

South Korea says more than 27,000 people are under a 14-day self-quarantine in the county after it strengthened border controls to slow coronavirus infections linked to international arrivals.

Park Jong-hyun, an official from the Ministry of the Interior and Safety, said on Friday that 19,567 of those under self-quarantine have recently returned from overseas while another 7,499 were isolated after contacting virus carriers.

There are now more than 10,000 confirmed cases in South Korea with at least 174 deaths.


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