Omar Borkan AI Gala

Omar Borkan AI Gala

Omar Borkan AI Gala is an Iraqi Emirati model,actor. He is an photographer also. AI Gala is famous for believed too handsome person in Saudi Arabia on the basis of a story which viral on social media.

Omar Borkan Ai Gala Personal Life And International Famous Story Detail:

AI Gala was born in Baghdad,Iraq on Sept 23, 1989 but he is grow up in Dubai,United Arab Emirates. His completed study in Dubai from Abu Obaida Ahjarah Public School and also Complete hotel management from Faculty Executive Hotels International Institute. He done his marriage in 2015 with Yasim Oweidah. He had a son with Yasim Oweidah.

Gala become well known in 2013. It was happen in a cultural festival Riyadh.In Riyadh a cultural festival organised which name was Jandriyah Cultural Festival in which AI Gala and two other male models participants for a promotion stand. AI Gala tell about that in 2015.

He said that some girls identify him from that modelling he had done and after that they become a rush for autograph and photos with Gala.When Gala saw the crowd than Gala said that your religion police did not like it and they can asked me to the leave the festival. 

According to a police officer, the members of the Promotion and prevention of Vices all feard that all female visitors would  fall in love with Gala but later deputation of United Arab Emirates issued a statement in which clarify that Gala and two other models not asked any time about leave the country,only the festival that was not related to the too handsome person.

This is due to the dance so  Saudi Arabia govt. Said that dance was dirty who can attract the women which is not fair in country that any women interact with a person who is not belongs to her family.

 That incident was the reason of Gala’s well known model. After this incident Gala’s videos viral on social media and AI Gala invited for many television program interview. Due to which Gala’s Facebook page also got 1 million followers. Many magazine cover page fill Gala’s  photos as a most handsome man of Arab or Worlds handsome man from Arab.

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