Outlook Integration With Salesforce: Mission Completed

Outlook Integration With Salesforce

If you had been recently thinking about Salesforce integration with Outlook using a revenue intelligence platform, you might have been tired of constantly switching between the two apps and entering your business data separately into each of them.

If not, you might not know all the benefits coming with this smart solution. Read on and let us prove why it is the best way for managing your sales more effectively.

1. Why Keep Your Business Data in One Place

In business, a lot of working time is spent on such organizational tasks as entering, maintaining, and transferring data into two different services.

If you utilize both the Salesforce CRM platform and Microsoft Outlook, you might have already found yourself jumping from one platform to another several times a day.

Since you have to manage emails and collect all the relevant data about your opportunities, leads, and prospects, you need both services to be productive.

However, redundant entry of the same information can significantly decrease the time you could have spent on reaching potential clients, thus affecting your income.

Luckily, there is a solution to this common pain of sales representatives. Read on to arm yourself with knowledge.


2. Native Salesforce for Outlook App’s Cons

To initiate Salesforce & Outlook integration, the developers offer users a specialized service, Salesforce for Outlook.

However, before you jump to its download and further installation, you should be aware of the main disadvantages:

  • since winter 2019, there have been no new users of this service. The app will completely stop working in June 2023;
  • you won’t get sufficient Salesforce team support, thus having to figure out all the arising issues by yourself;
  • you have to set up Einstein Activity Capture and Outlook integration for Mac OS.

Therefore, you can see there is some hassle accompanying the Salesforce for Outlook app. You might want to consider using efficient alternatives to quickly and seamlessly connect Salesforce with Outlook.


3. Key Benefits You Will Get

A wide range of smart modern tools like Revenue Grid can aid you to keep all the essential data in a single storage and even more:

  • save time on re-entering data into both Salesforce and Outlook;
  • track email conversations related to Salesforce records;
  • reach important Outlook email messages;
  • eliminate efforts on checking for any mistakes twice;
  • design substantial email templates for your prospects and clients;
  • safely store all Salesforce records in one place.

By utilizing the right software, you can easily build target email communications for prospects, which will bring you more leads and sales.


4. Solve All Salesforce-Related Problems at Once

To not constantly switch between your Salesforce and Outlook accounts to get essential data, you need to synchronize it and keep it in a unified place.

The modern market thrives with solutions that can help you ease the process. Since Salesforce for Outlook is not the only option at your fingertips, look for effective alternatives to boost your business productivity and increase your income.

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