50+ Painting Ideas That Will Inspire You To Pick Up A Brush Right Now

Painting Ideas
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With regards to painting ideas, one and all starts out on an in any event, playing field—those that paint appropriately have constructed their abilties after some time. Doing as such, in any case, calls for tolerance, and which will set brush to canvas (or paper) and increment your style stroke by utilizing stroke.

We’ve unmistakable this show in a drawing; just a couple of long stretches of drawing practice can propose the distinction among an exaggeration that is essentially k and one which shows amazingly great ability.

When you have your watercolor, acrylic, or possibly oil paint, you can escape on sharpening your specialty. However, in any event, having all the correct materials can’t keep from the feared creative square; some of the time, you can’t think about something to paint!

Fortunately, we’ve ordered a posting of more than 50 prompts which may be jumping off variables in your work. The simple artistic creation thoughts are isolated into two records—one is motivated by life even as the contrary moves you to utilize your creative mind.

When glancing through the rundown, recollect the accompanying: what seems like interesting to paint? What will crucial to show signs of improvement? Are there sure systems you’d prefer to attempt? A verdant tree, for example, offers you the chance to test with surface, even as envisioning these points in monochrome is a top notch exercise in data tonality, light, and shadow.

As you address this rundown, guarantee you’ve were given your paint materials on point. We have tips for 3 of the most extreme well known assortments of paint. Look at our aides for the fine watercolor paint sets, top acrylic paint, and best oil paints that beginners and geniuses will love.

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1. Your Favorite Coffee Mug – 

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2. A Prickly Pear Cactus

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3. Your Furry Friend

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4. A tranquil lake scene

5. Your eye and eyebrow (try observing from real life)

6. A leafy tree

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7. Your childhood home

8. A piece of cloth draped over a chair

9. Fluffy clouds

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10. A bouquet of flowers in a vase

11. A cardinal on a branch…

12. …or a wise owl

13. A curling ocean wave (check out Ray Collins’ wave photographs for inspiration!)

14. Copy a masterpiece painting of an artist you admire

15. A bowl of fruit

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16. Fish underwater

17. A portrait of yourself when you were a kid

18. Your hand or foot

19. Your favorite collection of things

20. A building facade you’ve always admired

21. Someone standing under an umbrella while it’s raining

22. A street illuminating a dark street

23. A peacock’s colorful plumage

24. The Eiffel tower, or any other memorable landmark

25. Decorative tiles you’ve admired


  • A person with flowers growing from their head
  • A majestic unicorn with a rainbow-colored mane
  • Create a self-portrait in a Cubist style
  • Reimagine a scene from your favorite Disney film
  • Imagine a dog could walk and talk like a human. What would they say and do?
  • Create your own repeat pattern…
  • … or mandala-inspired design
  • A cat in a fancy hat
  • Your dream home
  • The sky imagined in colorful swirls like in van Gogh’s Starry Night
  • A scuba diver swimming through outer space instead of the ocean
  • A person made out of balloons
  • Tiny people moving throughout a regular-sized world
  • Create a repeat pattern of your favorite kitchen appliance
  • A spooky scene in the woods
  • Animals in the place of humans
  • Salvador Dali-inspired interior
  • Living underwater
  • Merge two of your favorite animals into one
  • Imagine you can fly…
  • … or that you’re a giant
  • A person whose skin cracks like porcelain
  • Create your own fairytale
  • Fuse day and night into a single scene

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