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Pigeon Control Program
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Pigeon Control is becoming one of the most popular pest control measures used today. There are so many areas that need to be monitored for pigeon population growth.

These little pests are not only annoying but can become a huge nuisance to homeowners as well. If you have a backyard or even inside of your business, there are pigeon control devices available. There is no need to handle these flying insects yourself.

pigeon control program

There are several techniques used in order to implement a pigeon control program in the home or business environment.

Using Traps

The first method is the most popular, and that is using traps. These traps come in many different forms, including gel traps, spring boards, and wire mesh traps. Each pigeon control device has its own set of advantages and disadvantages, but all of them offer a solution to pigeon control problems.

1. Gel Traps

When using gel traps, they should be placed in strategic areas around the home or business. Be sure to watch where the traps are placed, and make sure to check the baited area daily.

Pigeons love to eat the glue that is used to seal the trap. Once the pigeon eats this, it will likely try to escape. The biggest problem with this is that the trapped animal will continue to dig at the glue, which causes it to weaken.

Another problem with using gel traps is that they often do not smell or kill the pigeon after it has eaten its fill.


2. Pigeon Control Sprays

The next type of pigeon control devices available sprays. They work much like the gel traps, except these sprays are designed to kill the pigeon once it lands on it.

The sprays are generally placed on areas near gardens, lawns, and even near trees. The animal will probably attempt to climb a tree, so this is usually the best place for them to seek shelter.

The spray will usually take time to take effect, and some people use it alongside a rotating range to kill the pigeon as it climbs back into the garden.


3. Craft Your Own Traps

Lastly, there are control solutions available to people who prefer the use of traps. If you are skilled enough, you can buy and craft your own traps, or hire someone else to do this task.

You can purchase pre-made pigeon traps that fit your specific needs. These often come with a sensor so that the machine will know when the pigeon lands on the cage, but many do not require any other type of training.

There are also homemade traps available to buy, but many people do not like this option because they may not have the correct type of cage to keep the pigeon.


Pigeon Control Devices

1. Shock Tape DIY Durable Electronic Pigeon Control Bird Repellent Device

Shock Tape

More Effective than Spikes or any Other Birds Repellent & Bird Traps Products – Provide a Permanent Control of Pests and Birds – Enduring, Long-Lasting Electronic Device. The friendly way to get rid of birds – safe for you & for the pigeons – does not harm the birds but sends them a direct firm message!


2. Ultrason X – Bird Control

Ultrason X – Bird Control

Ultrason X is also an wonderful vertical bird repellent frame. Ultrasound is all but silent to individuals, and that means that you may successfully eliminate pigeons and also other feathered animals while maintaining a pleasant atmosphere for customers and agents.

Most ultrasound only works indoors, however this pigeon control merchandise is powerful enough for use inside medium-measured semi-wrapped outside lands. This ancestral bird & pigeon repellent has turned out to be quite powerful and versatile.



A pigeon control program is an effective means of preventing pigeon populations from growing too large. Although you might need to experiment with different methods of controlling pigeon numbers, you are unlikely to be without results. In fact, many commercial programs have been successful at reducing pigeon populations.

It is important to be persistent and continue to use any method of pigeon control long after pigeon numbers have been reduced to a manageable level. This will ensure that they do not return to your area, and that your garden is safe from pigeon reproduction.

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