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TOP 5 Popular Sites among Students

Popular Sites among Students
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Being a student has never been easy. But with the internet, it has become simpler than before. Whether it’s calculus or some complex mathematics, all we need to do is search for help on calculus homework or the concept of the subject we need help with, and we are good to go.

However, as there are so many websites to dive into, it becomes difficult to comprehend which one’s better. So today, let’s explore some of these most popular websites which have proved to be helpful for students.

1. Google Scholar

Google is probably the most used search engine and is sufficient in itself for general surfing, but for specific essays and research papers, Google scholar comes in handy.

It is a search engine by Google which provides access to academic content, from scholarly articles and publications to even books.

You are offered a pool of content by researchers and scholars from all around the world across different disciplines. You can explore related content based on citations, authors, etc. on a single platform.

This search engine also offers you the option to sort out the recent publications from earlier published content using the year filters.

If you come across regular research-related tasks, you can also get unlimited content with monthly subscriptions.


2. Grammarly

Writing is always a big part of a student’s life, essays, research papers, etc. However, most of us struggle with finding the right words, or the right way of expressing our thoughts.

Well, Grammarly is here to assist you and is very popular among students. Though the free version helps pick out critical grammatical errors, the paid version is the real deal. It offers suggestions for better words and sentences and indicates the tone of your sentence.

You can even set the required tone and the audience for the essay to get curated feedback. It also has a plagiarism checker, which is free of cost.



As a student, nothing excites us more than free resources. Gutenberg is one such website that provides free e-books with expired copyrights. You can download these e-books or read them online without any additional software or apps.

The website is free to use for everyone and runs through donations and volunteers. It is designed with the sole purpose of providing free e-resources to the students and has been in operation for 50 years.



Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia run by non-profit organizations. It is a user-generated website, where the content can be curated and edited by the public.

The website has millions of articles on conventional as well as non-conventional topics. From movies to biographies, the website contains an array of topics. Like a regular encyclopedia, you get to know about things through a single website.

However, for engaging in deep research on a topic, you might want to explore other specific websites or blogs. However, as the content can be curated or edited anonymously, it sometimes makes us question its credibility.


5. Coursera

One of the most important techniques that help people perform better at their studies or work is that they keep upskilling themselves, that is, they expand their knowledge on the subject or work to upgrade their skills.

Sometimes, all you have to do for that is look online. One of the most preferred websites for this purpose is Coursera. It is an open online course provider that offers a variety of courses and diplomas accredited by various institutes.


To conclude,

These are some websites preferred by students all around the world. Using these tools at our disposal, the internet cannot replace hard work but can complement the same for sure.

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