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Project Free TV

Project Free TV has been the destination for the majority of audiences searching for access to a free TV online. But, it was suddenly closed down at 2017 resulting in the audience’s downturn.

Project free TV has been among the greatest projects previously but now it’s suddenly disappeared from thin air. You can find different sites hoping to pay up but they also confront the threat of being shut down.

On the Web, you will find adequate sites out there. That is all about the occurrence of these choices. It’s also theorized that the departing firm itself had supplied people. You will find sufficient whispers concerning the trustworthiness of this news.

That is affecting the audiences who need to overlook chasing their custom of seeing things online. But, the situation might not be as gloomy as it appears to you.


Reasons Why Project FREE TV Shutdown?

There are lots of motives behind down the closing of Project FREE TV. Which are :

Point-1. This program is prohibited in addition to free. That’s why these programs become really very large and people begin associating with this specific software.

Point-2. A good deal of large companies such as Netflix, Hulu along other streaming providers. Who loses a fantastic quantity of revenue. Finally, legal action is required along with the proprietors of those programs understand they will need to shut the existing program and begin a new person.

Point-3. There are instances when Google de-ranks the site along with the new program isn’t on the webpage when you hunt for that specific program. That’s the main reason this site must continue purchasing new domains and need to continue adding new traffic to all those new fresh domains so Google does not punish them.

That’s the reason why individuals should adhere to the first Facebook, Twitter or alternative societal manages so as to remain updated since Google won’t set the domain name onto the top and you’ll just not have the ability to detect it by Googling.


What To Do?

Generally, piracy isn’t promoted yet if you still wish to search to get Free Project TV. You need to try searching on different search engines. It wouldn’t be accessible on Google however other search engines don’t have any issue with its existence.

In the event, you figure out how to obtain the website? Then you’ve got to make certain that you’re blocking the advertisements having an ad blocker expansion.

That can be done to ensure any cookie info and other information aren’t being connected with other third-party sites. Moreover, you need to be cautious not to discuss some of your financial information. Such as credit cards together so some sites may promote your information to hackers.


Top 10 Websites Similar To Project Free TV

We know that people want to watch the series as soon as they released the latest episodes but in case the favorite services are stopped abruptly this becomes a huge turn-off. That is the main reason we will now provide alternatives to project-free TV. All the information regarding those things will be shared below.

1. CouchTuner

This is the program that offers all top-rated shows in 1080 p complete HD which makes it a joy to see them. If you’re one of the sofa potato kinds then this site is the very best alternative. You’re able to discover alternatives for this one also but so far that this offers you great knowledge in your mind.

Project Free TV is an intriguing concept for people who can’t do without seeing any sort of TV online. Pick one up of these sites if you like to live the life span of your TV characters. But, do not forget that the safety of the site can also be critical and keep in mind this in mind when creating your pick.


2. ProjectFreeTV

Another excellent site in this category all the latest episodes are updated for you to choose from. You can also keep going back to the same problem as long as the internet connection is stable enough. Though the author of the website states that he is not responsible for any content shown so far the website has served its purpose well.

Without a doubt, Project Free TV is one of the best and most useful websites for streaming videos. Although the site does support a lot of different typesof programs, it is most popular for streaming TV shows. Not only that but also this website is completely free and easy to handle, which makes it very popular.


  • You can enjoy movies, films to TV as well as web series here.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Also, the icons of the movies and shows are big and visible, and further showcases the needed information. When you scroll your cursor over these icons in its browser page, the excerpt, ratings, etc., come on display.
  • You can choose according to the genres of the content, featured, trending, featured, top-rated, and other such options.
  • You will get many additional links from which you can stream the movies or shows.


3. Bmovies

This application has a ton of free TV shows and movies all of which are available and the highest quality anywhere. You will be able to download each and everything offline and the great thing about this application is that you will not need to register yourself with it.

The user interface is really good and the User experience as watch trying the users will be able to access all information without facing any other problems or bugs.

Make sure that you do not download Bmovies application from any untrusted third-party website. Please note that downloading this application from third-party website and destroying your own computer is your own responsibility and we are not liable for anything. Make sure that you download it from the official website so that there are no problems in the future.


4. Cmovies

This app has a huge collection of movies and you will be able to download each and every movie you want online for free on this application. There are thousands and thousands of new movies all of which were released recently as well as released in the past.

As usual, the user experience and the user interface of this application is a sight to behold and that is the reason it is in this list of awesome applications.


5. Project Free Tv

This is the original Project free TV website and still uploads all your kind of online shows. It is also ad free and so you do not get disturbed by them and you get to watch shows continuously. You do not have to pay anything to watch this website and the disruptions are also comparatively lesser.


6. Seriesfreetv

Seriesfreetv is basically a clone of Project Free TV. It has the same design, the same content, and the same features. But what really matters is that its domain name is different, so it works even when Project Free TV doesn’t, which fortunately happens rarely.


7. WatchSeries

Well as the name suggests the watch series is all about TV shows. Here you can watch unlimited TV shows without any breaks in between. There are full episodes and that too with very smooth streaming. They give you working links for your favorite shows and you can choose the ones that you would definitely be interested in. Moreover, your choice of shows need not be limited as the variety they offer is immense.


8. FMovies

This is one of the application with you which will help you watch all the movies you want to free of cost online and the users will be able to watch each and every movie in 1080p high definition without any registration of providing personal details. Just open the website and you are good to go.


9. GoMovies

As the name suggests you can go to this application to watch all the movies want. All you need is a data connection which has average speed and you will be able to watch all the movies easily without any cost. You can also download the movies in different qualities.


10. MovieFlixter

TV shows are great, but sometimes a thrilling movie is exactly what you need to unwind at the end of a long day. MovieFlixter is a great alternative to Project Free TV because it has not only a broad collection of TV shows but also movies of all genres.

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