Pros and Cons of Real Estate Software

Real Estate Software

Most of the software that you use is called “boxed”, that is, this software is complete and ready-to-use, which can be used by thousands and even millions of users. But it is also possible to write a custom program specifically for your company. There are various advantages and disadvantages to both approaches.


Pros and Cons of Software

Large software companies such as Microsoft and Adobe and other real estate software have produced large quantities of “boxed” software for a variety of purposes and audiences. Batch versions, like everything, have their pros and cons.


Pros of “boxed” software:

  • Software tends to be relatively cheap as the development cost can be spread over a large number of users.
  • The software can be very complex – the income from a very large number of users is directed to the development of the software package.
  • It is easy to get advice and the literature is generally readily available as there are many other users using the exact same software.


Cons of “boxed” software:

  • Software can be very complex and usually consists of large functional pieces that you may never use.
  • Tends to be compromise. By its nature, this type of software is designed for different types of users and each of them will have different requirements.
  • Software tends to be large and complex, which in turn will require you to spend a lot of time learning it.
  • You may have to change your approach to work due to software changes.
  • There may be tasks that the software cannot handle.


Pros and Cons for Custom Software

Custom software has its pros and cons to consider.

Pros of bespoke software:

  • This software is developed specifically for your requirements and can be adapted to the business processes of your organization.
  • Can be configured to interoperate with other software suites in your organization to provide a fully integrated IT infrastructure throughout your organization in the future.
  • Users tend to find it easier and more intuitive to use the software.
  • It is more flexible software that can be changed over time to suit your requirements.
  • You get better software support and in many cases you can communicate directly with the developers.
  • Using professionally designed custom software applications can give you a significant business advantage over your competitors.
  • If you own the rights to the application, you have the opportunity to sell the application to other organizations, thereby recouping some of your investment.


Cons of Custom Software:

  • If you do not have the source code, then you may be subject to complete dependence on the developer in the future.
  • To avoid this problem, make sure you choose the developer who provides you with the application source code.
  • The investment required is usually much higher than the investment required for bundled software. This is usually the most important reason for choosing – you need to conduct a business case and compare the costs with the expected benefits and business benefits.
  • The development process will require significant investments and the project will take longer.
  • It is difficult to get support for software if the developers themselves do not offer support services. More info



Custom software developed for you can potentially provide you with significant business and commercial benefits and give you a significant competitive advantage. A bespoke application is usually easier to use and can work according to your company’s business processes.

However, you should understand that you have to pay more for such software than for bundled software, and it is also important that you work with a professional developer who works with industry standards and which will provide you with the application source code and provide application support.

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