QNET’s Products: Are They Durable or Sell Scam Products

QNET’s Products

QNET puts quality first; they do not engage in fraudulent practices and since 1998 their Hong Kong-based operation has provided customers with high quality goods at fair prices through direct selling models.

“QNET provides an expansive portfolio to cater to diverse demographics. Working closely with international vendors, our exclusive designs feature cutting-edge products only available through QNET,” noted Malou Caluza, CEO.

Due to an incomplete understanding of direct selling industry – especially among emerging economies – legitimate business operations like QNET have often been mischaracterized as financial scams or pyramid schemes, or illicit businesses peddling fake products.

Higher costs don’t automatically equate to better products; some unscrupulous companies inflate prices artificially just to gain consumers. Direct selling companies don’t engage in price rigging; their focus lies on offering customers top quality goods and services not available through traditional retail channels – this makes their offerings worthy.

QNET products and services come backed with warranties and comprehensive guarantees, all subject to stringent quality control protocols and production facilities, plus supply management practices.

Does QNET Sell Fake Products?

To create quality goods for customers in nearly 100 countries around the globe, QNET invests heavily in science and technology – from home care products beloved by cancer survivor CEO Ed Caluza himself (he had skin cancer when first starting up QNET!) through to home automation solutions favored by customers worldwide. “My top priority when selecting household items for myself and my family members’ safety and health,” stated Caluza as one of his primary motivations behind choosing home products from this company over others like his competition.

She’s delighted that the business offers the HomePure Nova water purification system – developed after over 10 years of research by top scientists at an elite lab in South Korea – with nine layers of filtration that don’t need electricity, making this device easily portable.

Moataz Mostafa Mohamed from Egypt believes water is indispensable, which is why he invested in the HomePure filter which removes contaminants while adding minerals back in. “Choose only the best to ensure safe, happy lives”, stated Mohamed; as per his advice 500 friends and relatives in Egypt purchased one subsequently which gives him great joy.

HomePure Zayn air filter, developed in Switzerland and featuring five-stage purification system utilizing ultraplasma ion and HPP electrostatic filters as well as UV light is another stand-out product from this popular line of air purifiers. Covering up to 36 square meters indoor space at once — more than the average air purifier available — it has even been certified by European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation!

Caluza notes, as people spend 90% of their time indoors they are being exposed to high levels of toxic particles found in indoor air such as fumes from cleaning chemicals used for domestic cleaning tasks and exposure from dust mites, mold and certain building materials like pressed wood and paint that release gasses that negatively impact health, lower energy levels and diminish productivity resulting in lower productivity rates overall. This has severe negative impacts on one’s wellbeing which reduces energy and lower productivity levels across society as a whole.

“According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, air purifiers are one of the best tools available for improving indoor air quality and protecting against health effects associated with pollution – such as COVID-19 virus spread.”

HomePure Zayn Antiviral Air Purifier was created with one goal in mind – providing customers with pure indoor air. It removes most pollutant, allergen and virus particles which could deteriorate quality of life – an intelligent choice for protecting our health and well-being.

Two Major Anniversary Milestones

Modern products designed with cutting-edge technologies. However, since Bernhard H. Mayer watches are offered under this company’s banner and fans worldwide can experience Swiss luxury without breaking their wallets!

QNET will commemorate their 150th Anniversary this year – in tandem with QNet’s 25th! To mark this impressive accomplishment, QNET have launched an exclusive commemorative timepiece from Bernhard H. Mayer made out of 1,998 components in celebration.

“QNET’s extraordinary journey over the last 25 years can only be fully appreciated when seen through its lens of perseverance, excellence and unfaltering commitment to success,” according to Caluza. Our legacy continues to develop along with us – this timepiece represents that commitment – providing nothing less than premium products and services so our members worldwide may live their most fulfilled lives possible.”

Elegant timepiece from legendary watchmaker featuring cobalt blue sunray-brushed dial and Roman numeral XXV as its 25th-anniversary mark. Incorporating interchangeable bands — something new for this iconic watchmaker! – wearers may easily switch between modern blue vulcanized rubber strap and more classical stainless steel band options for daily wearers.

Clean-Tech takes great pride in being one of the first direct selling companies to offer affordably luxurious Swiss watches as part of its lifestyle product lineup.

Caluza stated, “To mark 25 years of empowering lives and usher in endless possibilities for tomorrow, please join us in commemorating this landmark achievement and welcoming what lies ahead!”

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