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Questions To Ask Electricians Before Hiring One


If you live in Sydney and you are overwhelmed by the amount of electricians ready to offer you services, you need to filter them out to land on the most reliable one. You cannot predict the electrical situations of your home.

Due to constant usage, electrical wires may get damaged. Different situations may also occur in your home that may cause your wiring to malfunction. If this happens, do not just let any person correct your electrical problems. It is best to hire a certified, insured, and licensed Sydney electrician to work on any electrical issues you might encounter.

Googling an electrician in your area will give you a plethora of websites, each offering their services. Choosing the best can be a daunting experience, especially if you do not know what to look for. Here are a few questions that you need to ask electricians before you hire one.

1. Are You Licensed, Certified, And Insured?

Do not be embarrassed in asking electricians some questions about their qualifications. The three most essential requirements to ask for are their license, their certification, and their insurance.

These Three Requirements Are Critical For The Following Reasons:

  1. License. You would not want your teeth to be treated by a person with no dental training, so it should also hold to hiring an electrician. It would help if you did not let a non-licensed electrician handle your home’s electrical wiring. When a Sydney electrician is licensed, you can be sure that he has been adequately trained and has passed the minimum standards set by the Australian Electrical Standards.
  2. Certified. Government agencies and professional organizations give out certifications to electricians who go beyond the minimum standards. A certified Sydney electrician means that he is continuously honing his electrical skills by regularly attending training to keep his certification status. A certification from a reputable organization assures you of a much higher level of competence.
  3. Insured. An electrician who is insured has paid a bond against any damages to property incurred with problems in his workmanship. It will give you less to worry about if the electrician that you will hire has insurance since you can easily claim payments for damages if the electrician bails out on his work or has done damage to your home.


2. Can You Give Me References?

High-quality electricians provide high-quality service and have no problem giving out references since they know that their previous clients are all satisfied with their work. Always ask for references and make sure to call them up to know what work had been done and if the work was done satisfactorily.


3. Who Will You Work With?

If you need to have a major wiring project done, the electrician you will hire may be accompanied by other people to help with the job. Always ask for the qualifications of the team working in your home. Do not accept team members that do not have at least a journeyman’s license.


4. Can I Get Back To You?

When you are planning to hire a Sydney electrician, do not hire the first one that you meet. Ask them if you can get back to them since you still have to compare their quotations with others. It is always better to get quotations from at least three electricians after giving them a list of all the electrical work you need for your home. By having different quotations, you will have an accurate estimate of the actual cost of the project.

By asking the right questions, you can rest comfortably knowing that you are hiring the best Sydney electrician that will be working on your home.

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